One Simple Thought That Changed A Village

I have a friend from Burundi.  Years ago he observed in his village that a lot of the people had gaunt cows that were ‘basically good for nothing’. They had low milk yield, their grazing habits damaged the land and because they were all over the place, no meaningful dung could be collected for manure. In most cases they were sold aged and sick hence could not fetch much money for their ‘proud’ owners.  He so ardently desired to change this.

Inspirationally dissatisfied, my friend sought to change this. He went to Tanzania and bought two Friesian cows that were fat and sleek beasts like the biblical ‘cows of Bashan’. In no time the two cows were producing 30 litres of milk per day and a mount of manure. All the villagers noticed this simple success story and asked my friend to help them. He obliged, and today through his initiative in this village there are 65 Friesian cows in 65 households each one producing 15 litres of milk per day for sale in the capital Bujumbura. Livelihoods have been changed, and there are testimonies of villagers who now have decent houses from milk money! The whole village has been turned into a ‘milk factory’. The young men and women, who had flocked to the city in search of the elusive Burundi franc, have been lured back to the village by the milk miracle. Transformational impact!

 This simple story is pregnant with some principles that I want to share. It doesn’t take an earthquake to change a nation let alone your life. It doesn’t take billions to end poverty. The simple ideas you carry can change a nation. It’s not in the mystery of Keynesian and macroeconomic theories that the nations will find their salvation. It is when revelation comes to people that the salvation of nations will come. The profundity of your convictions and depth of your desire will make you change the landscape of your life.

Principle of Thought

In order to change the landscape of your life you need to THINK. What you can imagine, reflect and ponder upon will eventually come to pass. If you ardently desire and vividly imagine something it eventually manifests. The reason why lust is wrong is because it eventually gives birth to sin. Covetousness is an urgent desire that may eventually lead to stealing, robbery or even murder. This simple principle works both in the negative and the positive.  If you nurture thoughts of success and progress, it eventually gives birth to projects and results.

My friend from Burundi told me that he STRONGLY desired for many years to change the fortunes of his fellow villagers. He wanted to come up with a simple model that could be used to tackle many social ills caused by years of war and poverty. In his owns words, he then “got a revelation”. The principle of thought gives birth to revelation. Revelation means the unveiling of preexisting ideas and opportunities. It is insight into realities that are hidden – the unraveling of concealed treasures and mysteries. I want to challenge you today, brood over your thoughts, incubate over your ideas and soon revelation will cause you to birth simple and nation changing ideas.

Principle of Seed

There is a universal principle in all creation. Every seed produces after it’s own kind. The ability to reproduce after the same kind is inbuilt in every seed bearing fruit. Hence an orange seed will produce oranges. In order to create this success story, my friend put in initially his own money and gave the villagers a few cows. They did not need to pay him in cash but in milk. In a short while a group called Samaritans heard about this simple project and invested a further 20 cows into the project. The simple principle is that your ideas represent your thoughts, and you demonstrate your commitment by investing into your ideas. The power of a seed is not in its size, but in the ability to reproduce. Start today to invest in your ideas. Step by step the picture will soon be complete. As you sow, the power of your ideas will multiply and soon the whole universe will conspire to bring multiplication. No idea is too small or too simple. Muhammad Yunus started the billion dollar Grameen Bank by lending as little as UD1 to rural Bangladeshi women.

Applying the principles of thought and seed will quickly usher you into your inheritance. Start today with what you have and where you are. You can change the landscape of your life today. Surround yourself with images of success. Meditate on success thoughts soon you will breed babies of success.

Authors Note: This is an extract from my book Seeds of Greatness which is available on Amazon


Transform to Perform in 2014: Lessons From A Seed

In my morning devotions I was drawn to Paul’s writing on resurrection. He uses powerful imagery of a seed to make his point:

“…When you put a seed into the ground, it doesn’t a grow into a plant unless it dies first…You plant a “dead” seed; soon there is a flourishing plant. There is no visual likeness between seed and plant” 1 Corinthians 15:36 (NLT)

A seed is dry and looks almost lifeless, yet it has much potential. When a seed is planted in the darkness of the soil, it soon breakthroughs the soil into a glorious plant. Without going through this transformation process , this seed will not perform as a plant.

A few lessons to ponder as you start this week and looking ahead into 2014:

1. You have great potential in you. You may look nothing like it – dry, wilted and struggling, but there is something great and alive in you
2. The circumstances of life are the soil in which the seeds in you will be birthed
3. A seed is not ‘buried’ but ‘planted’. When going through transformation process you are not dying but being changed. You may not like the process, but it’s what brings your progress.
4. A photo is developed in a dark room like a seed. The negative experiences of life are the dark places where your potential is developed

Transform from dry seed to a lively plant. If you don’t transform you will deform. If you transform you will perform.

Declare: I have the seeds of greatness in me. I flourish where I am planted. I am productive and fruitful.


You can get a copy of book Seeds of Greatness to fully appreciate the success lessons from seed.

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Time for A Life Facelift & Uplift : Arise & Shine!

“There was a woman present, so TWISTED and BENT OVER with arthritis that she couldn’t even LOOK UP. She had been afflicted with this for eighteen years. When Jesus saw her, he called her over. “Woman, you’re free!” He laid hands on her and suddenly she was STANDING STRAIGHT and TALL giving GLORY to God” Luke 13:11-13 (MSG)

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. You may be going through an ugly situation or dealing with a challenging matter. It doesn’t matter – God can deal with any matter. The condition might have gone on for years. So what? There is no condition beyond the grace of God to deal with. It’s time to know the following liberating truths:

1. Jesus makes the twisted financial, marital, business, work, relationship, health situations straight
2. If you are bending over under the weight of challenges today you are free.
3. The indignity and shame of your situation is taken away – you can now LOOK UP . You have a FACELIFT now.
4. Where you came short, Jesus has given you an UPLIFT – you can stand tall again

Declare this:

I have a major facelift and uplift. Every shame has been replaced with fame. I can rise and shine above the crushing weight of inadequacy, guilty and shame.


How To Transform Yourself To Succeed (Part Three)

Crossover Stage – ‘Go Over’

In previous articles we looked at the Passover Stage and the Makeover Stages of transformation. Today lets talk about the Crossover Stage.

Can you imagine if billionaire Richard Branson of Virgin Group would keep saying ‘I had acute dyslexia when I was a kid’, or if Nelson Mandela would always talk about spending 27 years in jail? They would never have moved on in life. In order to crossover you need to forget what lies behind and set your eyes on the future. Today I would like to share a few lessons on the instructions which were given to Joshua to crossover and takeover Canaan. The Israelites had been in the wilderness of confusion, drought and lack of progress.

“Moses my servant is dead. Get going. Cross {over} this Jordan River…to the country I am giving to my people” : Wipe them tears Brother Joshua, life goes on! Watch carefully the kind of language and words used here:

Forget The Past – “Moses my servant is dead”

In other words, forget about the past, do not pity party about how things were bad in your social, financial, economic or political wilderness. If you hold on to the past, you will have no hands to grab the future. You might have had it rough and tough in the wilderness – no electricity, no good schools, no running water, no jobs, no fancy food, no fancy clothes. You have passed over that now. Your wilderness experience might be a bitter divorce, retrenchment, rejection, betrayal, bad deal, broken promises, financial loss, grief, past successes, trophies or victories – so what? It is all in the past – IT’S DEAD!

Do not make a funeral of your past. It is instructive that there is no mention of Moses’ funeral – or mourning period. The living have no business with the dead! Point at your ‘wilderness’ and say “Thank you but no thanks, never again, I am crossing over”

Keep Moving – “Get Going. Cross over”

A man who is released from prison does not hang around the prison gate – he moves away quickly to enjoy freedom. Joshua is told clearly ‘get going’. There is kinaesthetic feel about these words – there is bodily movement and muscle engagement. In simple terms there is ACTION.  What is it that you have always wanted to do? Start today. The crossover transition is a game of faith. In the wilderness you deal with the familiar – in the crossover you deal with ‘unknowns’. You may not even know what awaits you on the other side – just do it! Let’s get practical about things now – write that application, register for that course, publish the book, start that project, get your visa, make that important phone call, send that vital email, set that key appointment or make that crucial visit.

Without crossing over you cannot takeover. When you crossover you need a specific toolset and unique set of skills to deal with uncertainty and the unfamiliar. I will share those in the next instalment in this series in the next article on Takeover. For today get going. Just do it. Keep walking until you crossover for your takeover…


Life Lessons – Keys To Securing A Great Future

The future is guaranteed. You have all you need today to do better tomorrow. Really? Yes! You have it all within you. Phone maker Blackberry has been struggling for the last few years. In 2008, the company had a market value of over $80 billion. As of now, it’s only $3.1 billion today. Sad! Blackberry made some serious strategic mistakes. It kept its app ecosystem closed and the whole operating system proprietary. Its strategy was to go for corporates and lock them in long-term contracts – it completely ignored the emergence of strong demand for consumer smart phones and cross platform apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and open operating systems such as Android.

They failed to create a future for their business because they had limited vision. If I was to sit with the Blackberry Board this is what I would share with them to be architects of the future of their business. I would ask that they wear three types of goggles to see things differently:

See Before – Telescopic Vision

Each one of us has given you the gift of foresight. This is the ability to foretell and forth tell your future. You are the best prophet for your own life. To outsource your future to political analysts, government, economic analysts or employer is at best naïve and at worst irresponsible. Chart your own course. The decisions you make today are the input into your future. The life you live today is a result of what you did or did not do yesterday.

To create your future you need to have telescopic vision. This means anticipating the future and positioning yourself for advantage. The best way to create your future is to be preemptive and proactive. You set the context of what happens to you, how it happens and when it happens

See Beyond – X-ray Vision 

Foresight alone is not good enough. You need insight. A prophet with insight can predict the future, but without insight cannot decode or understand it. While foresight makes you anticipate the future, insight is the ability to understand issues. It is the ability to join the dots, identify relationships and underlying currents. Even in business, you can not just do a SWOT analysis alone, but use other tools such as PEST analysis, BCG Matrix to get a grip on contextual issues and your business drivers. Things are not what they appear to be. Make sense of the nonsense. Shed light on the darkness. You need to have a different perspective, incisive analysis of issues and an investigative probing of challenges. The future is in you. Apply your mind, your intellect and spirit and see the future beginning to unfold before you.

See Bigger – Magnifying Vision 

A good prophet does not see all doom and gloom. To look into the future with eyes of fear distorts your vision. One Caleb from ancient Israel, once went to spy on the land of Canaan. He came back and said, “Guys, what a land, lets go for it”. Those who were with him said “Don’t even start”. They were afraid. But not Caleb.  Even at 85 years Caleb asked for a whole mountain of land because he had the energy to work on it. What audacity! He had foresight and insight so his vision was big. How about David vs Goliath? Everybody thought “Goliath is so big, we can’t get him”. David, thought, “Wow, Goliath is so big I can’t miss him!”. A vision of courage magnifies opportunities while diminishing threats. There is so much global inflation, liquidity and credit crisis, employment woes and more. So what? With the gift of foresight and insight you look before and beyond all that. You do not quake with negative energy and do nothing, but itch with positive energy to do something.

Create your future today – see BEFORE everyone else and see BEYOND everything else, the great future beckoning.


Three years ago, the roads in my neighbour hood where in a bad state. There were more potholes and less road – every time you drove the temptation to curse was strong. I however decided to declare that “angels are feeling these potholes”. Three years later one “angel” who I don’t even know their name has not only filled the potholes – but resurfaced the road, increased the road verges and even put carriage way markings. God sent an angel because the council has no money to repair the roads – more than 5 kms!

Your words determine your worlds. Words create a forcefield which attracts that which you speak. Words are prophetic, they direct the course of your life – where your words go your life goes.

Here are a few things to note and do about the power of words:

1. Speak blessings not curses
2. You have what you say , so say what you want so you may have what you say. Declare abundance in the face of poverty, progress in the face of frustration, success in the face of failure, health in the face of sickness…good roads when you hit potholes!
3. A word is a seed. What you SAY, will PAY. Vain words will bring pain. Good words create good deeds
4. You can speak yourself out of every situation

I declare you prosperous, healthy, special and well connected to opportunities. What you confess you possess