Richard Branson tells of an inspiring story when he wanted USD10 million to fit inflight video entertainment for the Virgin Airways fleet. He searched far and wide and no banker was willing to give him the money. Then he had a eureka moment. He phoned Boeing and placed an order for 10 Boeing 747 planes. Branson asked that they include the inflight video sets as part of the deal. Boeing agreed. The deal was worth USD2.5 billion. Isn’t it amazing that from struggling to raise USD10 million, suddenly he managed to raise USD2.5 billion. But hey that is the power of dreaming big!

A few lessons to think about:

1.    Rejection could be a sign that some people dont have capacity to handle you.
2.    Never judge the size of your goal by the amount of money it costs. Money is not the end, its just a means
3.    Money is liquid – if you have the right funnel and container, money will flow towards you
4.    Provision follows your vision

So, you know what today – go ahead dream big. Make that call. Set that appointment. Send that email. Go on that trip.

Dream BIG!



Disclaimer: This blog article bears no resemblance to Beyonce’s song not in the spirit or the letter….now read on.

I bet you almost trashed this blog before reading on. If you have just read this sentence you are doing so well…read on.

Let me take you back to the past – the year is 1980…am still a young boy. I think my father’s Peugeout 404 station wagon is the best car in the world. We live a simple house and I think we are in a mansion. Having chicken and rice once in a month is a big deal. Wearing my Sunday best crowns my wonderful week. Life is great. Life is simple. When my older siblings give me the crust slice of the bread – it’s an act of great favour – and I must be so thankful. I believe that my mother is my guardian angel – if I trip myself, she faults the stone, if I cut myself, she blames the knife. Life is beautiful…life is simple. All things are possible.

Oh the simplicity of being a boy.

Fast forward, 2014. Things must make sense first before I can do them. How we complicate our lives. If God wanted us complicated, He would have created us confused. He created us simple – made us in His likeness so we would never be confused about our identity. He gave us the measure of faith so all things would be possible.  He gift-wrapped us in hope so all things would work.  He gave us the gift of love so all things would be beautiful.

This is the simplicity of life as God created it. Let the girl and boy in you come out. Keep it simple. Believe the incredible, hope beyond what you see and love without reservation. Life is simple.

Lessons to reflect on:

  1. Life is simple, don’t complicate it
  2. All things are possible
  3. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
  4. Have the faith of a child

Have an awesome day and remember simple does it!

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