I cut off a tree in my garden about two years ago. The stump remained. 2 months ago I planted a desert rose in a hole in the stump. The plant is now an interesting feature in my garden. The stump has gained a new lease of life too – it has been repurposed! Here is something you shouldn’t miss too – next to the desert rose I placed a leaf – the leaf is now becoming a plant too. Amazing isn’t it?

The key lessons:

1. Embrace the end as the beginning of something new. My stump is now a beautiful flower stand

2. The END means Embracing New Direction

3. If you live your life in cycles and seasons you will always be winning or learning

4. When people make you a side show, steal the show like the little leaf there. Refuse to be an footnote when you can be the headline

ImageCred: MyGarden

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