A few months ago I planted strawberries and chilies next to each other. I called it the ‘Sweet ‘n Chili’ corner. Today I observed that the strawberries are fruiting and doing well. The chilies are struggling and dying.I began to reflect about the metaphor of life – the good and the bad run together; weeds and flowers grow together. Ultimately the good always prevails.

A few lessons:

1. The sweet will outshine the bitter

2. Bitterness will kill your fruitfulness

3. Life is a mixture of the good and the bad. The bad eventually becomes the manure in which the good will thrive.

Today focus on the good and the bad will disappear. Bad stuff doesn’t last long.

Enjoy this little poem I just wrote:

Let the sweet give your dreams some feet

Dont let the bad tie you to a bed

The sweet must give your heart a lift

The bad must never get to your head

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