I just watched the Chelsea-Manchester United soccer match. Manchester was the better side and they had the lion’s share of possession at over 70%. Yet they lost. Life is pretty much like that. The most educated, talented or articulate do not always enjoy the greatest success. A few insights:

1. If you are BORING and SCORING it’s okay.

 People say Chelsea plays boring football yet Chelsea always scores and is on top of the league for the greater part of the soccer season

2. What you POSSESS does not always lead to SUCCESS. 

Manchester had all the possession but they did not succeed. Chelsea converted their only shot on target into a goal. Life is about taking your chances.

Parting shot – David was not a Rambo when he faced Goliath. He only had a slingshot. How boring…but boy he could score. Goliath possessed weapons of mass destruction and was a decorated war general but he lost!

Biggest lesson is that always do what matters. Balloons and frills, bells and whistles don’t always win. Keep it simple but effective!

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