Dreams Never Die : Lessons from Lazarus

Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.” – John 11:23

In my early morning prayer watch am reading the story of Lazarus. I love this story. I have previously written about it focusing on Lessons in Problem Solving from Jesus (I will share this separately as a bonus).

Today I felt a prompting to speak to dead dreams, situations and visions.

A man called Lazarus lived during Jesus’ time. One day he died. Jesus who was a family friend was told and only came four days after his death. As Jesus arrived everybody was wailing and Jesus wept too! Beloved Lazarus was dead. Oh no.

But Jesus had other ideas. He decided he loved Lazarus too much to let him die. So he did the unthinkable and declared, “Lazarus come forth” The dead Lazarus resurrected. Wow. This is pregnant with lessons on how to resurrect your dreams.

Lesson One – Dreams Don’t Die

Lazarus was the hope of his family. He was beloved of Jesus – that is one instance in which it’s recorded that “Jesus wept” Jesus could not accept that the one he loved so dearly could die. The key lesson is that love is the fulcrum upon which the levers of faith move your dreams. The love Jesus had for Lazarus would never give up on him. How much passion do you have for your dream? Is your love tank full enough to last the distance?

Lesson Two – Never Listen to Wailers

For every dream there are wailers. These are people who are ready to help you bury your dream. They will sing songs of lament the day your dream dies. They will usually weep more than you do. Jesus did not regard wailers – he saw them but ignored them. If he had listened to them he would have been filled with fear. Jesus was thick skinned. The key lesson is never listen to wailers where your beloved dream is concerned.

Lesson Three – Compose Yourself

Jesus arrived when Lazarus had been dead for four days. Surely he must have been stinking and in a state of decomposition.

The best way to face a decomposed state is to be in a composed state. There was no drama around Jesus. He worked his way through the chaos of wailers and did not cringe at the stench of dead Lazarus. It doesn’t matter how stinking your situation is – just be composed and just declare “Dream come forth!”

Lesson Four – Your Dream Hears Your Voice

Let me put my imagination to work a little. As the wailers wept for dear Lazarus, I imagine one mourner must have cried, “Lazarus please wake up. How can you leave Mary and Martha your two sisters alone?” But alas he did not wake up.

It took Jesus to just declare “Lazarus come forth” and come forth Lazarus did! The key lesson is your dream only hears your voice. It therefore stands to reason that if God has given you a dream, the life of that dream is connected to you.

Speak to your dream today. You can reinvent, repackage, reorient and resurrect every dream.

Your dream could be your health, business, idea, job or relationship.

You dream lives!

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