Going through my Bible this morning, I was just reflecting on how each of us is a solution to most of the problems we have at a family, business, church, organisation or national level.

As we bring our hearts (passion), heads (knowledge) and hands (skills) to every situation something begins to change. This is how we can change our condition and the state of the world around us.

Reflecting on my Bible reading this morning, I recalled reading this very same scripture on the 27 November 2017 so I went back to my notes and would like to share as is:

2 Kings 2:19-21

Now a delegation of the city officials of Jericho visited Elisha.”We have a problem,”they told him.”This city is located in beautiful natural surroundings, as you can see; but the water is bad and causes our women to have miscarriages.”

“Well,”he said,”bring me a new bowl filled with salt.”So they brought it to him.

Then he went out to the city well and threw the salt in and declared,”The Lord has healed these waters. They shall no longer cause death or miscarriage.”

Here are some few key lessons on the metaphor of salt. Take your own pinch …


It is instructive that when there was a problem in Jericho, Elisha asked for salt to fix the issue. Today your nation, family, church, business could be in a similar situation be the salt:

1. Salt is a preservative. Things must never die under your watch

2. Salt is a flavor and seasoning . Add value wherever you are.

3. Salt is odorless but powerful. Influence without pomp

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