Dealing With A Really Stinking Problem | A Lesson From Lazarus’ Resurrection

“Then when Jesus came, he found that he had lain in the grave four days already” – John 11:17
I am a corporate trouble shooter. We handle different strategic and operational challenges everyday. We have a very methodical approach to how we solve challenges. There is a term we call “deep dive”. When we deep dive into an issue it means we go to the root cause of the issue – we dissect, unpack and analyse an issue until we solve it. We hypothesize and test different assumptions until we solve the matter. Now come with me to the Master Problem Solver – Jesus and see how he deals with a stinky problem of his friend Lazarus. Picture this – Lazarus was a corpse/cadaver over 4 days dead! Jesus comes and watch how he solves this dead problem:


1. IDENTIFY & FACE THE PROBLEM – Jesus asks “Where have ye laid him?” You can only solve a problem you identify. If you run away from a problem you will run into more problems

2. UNCOVER THE PROBLEM – Jesus directs “Take ye away the stone”. Don’t hide a problem. What is exposed is closed. What is revealed is healed.

3. ADDRESS THE PROBLEM – Jesus commands “Lazarus come forth”. Be direct. A headache does not need open heart surgery. Be specific and relevant.

4. DISENTANGLE THE PROBLEM – Jesus instructed “Loose him and let him go”. If you don’t remove the things that entangle you, you will remain bound by a problem. 

Today you could be facing a difficult situation – I want to encourage you there is no problem that has no solution. Every problem carries the seed of its solution. There is an answer for every question. Be encouraged!


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