Your Gift Will Make Room For You

How can someone from socialist Cuba, successfully head the embodiment of American capitalism, Coca Cola? Impossible. Huh? Yet Roberto Goizueta defied the odds. He became CEO of Coca Cola in 1981 and grew the company’s value from US$4 billion to over US$150 billion under his leadership.

A chemical engineer by training, he was born in Cuba, educated at Yale University. He joined Coca Cola in 1954 after responding to an advert for a bilingual chemist. Goizueta had excellent technical and organisational leadership skills, and in no time he became the youngest ever Vice President for Coca Cola and after some time Robert Woodruff, the Coca Cola patriarch passed the mantle to Goizueta. He was pure master class at what he did.

Even when he died unexpectedly from cancer in 1997, there was no panic on Wall Street; Doug Ivester had been groomed to take over. Coca Cola had done great things for him, with him, but he had even prepared it do great things without him.

1. Neve neglect your gift
2. Your gift will give your life a lift
3. God deposited something special in you…manifest it


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