Dr eh eh umm I mean Comrade Pallo Jordan’ : A Lesson in Being

In my last article I wrote about the importance of focusing on “being” than “doing” As a social scientist I have a keen interest in intellectuals and philosophers especially from an Afrocentric perspective. One such intellectual is South African politician Pallo Jordan. For over 40 years he masqueraded as a “Doctor” only to be exposed two weeks ago as having neither earned nor honoured with one.

It’s tragic for a man who is credited with being one of the architects of the first post apartheid government manifesto. I am at thesis stage for PhD myself and I can attest that Pallo Jordan is intellectual as they come. He never needed the title because he already had the mantle! Alas he probably has now lost the mantle chasing the title. It’s sad!

Thank God while he has lost integrity he has gained honour by apologising and resigning from all public offices he held.

What are the lessons?

1. Embrace WHO you are and the world will celebrate WHAT you do
2. If you have a mantle you don’t need a title. Pallo Jordan is an intellectual title or no title
3. Don’t lose your mantle in order to get a title
4. Who you are is more important than what you do

You can never substitute your being (substance) with what you do (subject).

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