Focus on BE-ing not DO-ing

I marvel when I see people jostle to get this or that position. Positions don’t make you…you make positions. People can take away all you do what remains is who you are. You are a human being not a human doing. Who you become is more important than what you achieve. It’s not what you are CALLED that matters, it’s what you ANSWER to.

The story of Joseph who was sold as a slave by his brothers is insightful. Joseph had a special coat of many colours. Metaphorically it meant that he was multi talented. The brothers took away the coat. Little did they know that the coat was only the evidence of the gift and not the gift itself. Joseph went on to prosper regardless and became Prime Minister of Egypt.

There are some lessons right there:

1. If you are gifted you can never be shifted…you will be lifted
2. Never let your work define your worth, define your work by your worth
3. A coat (TITLE) goes out of fashion, but who you are (MANTLE) lasts forever. If you have the mantle you don’t need the title.

People can take away all you do (your coat) but you can never be FINISHED because you are COMPLETE! Make a difference where you are. You have it in you to make a difference whether you are in a pit or prison.


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