Don’t Settle, Keep Moving

“Back at Horeb, God, our God, spoke to us: You’ve stayed long enough at this MOUNTAIN. On your way now. Get moving. Head for the Amorite hills…” – Deuteronomy 1:6-7 (MSG)

The scripture above struck me. It’s instructive that the children of Israel where not in the valley but they were in the mountain. In other words they were at the peak. Everything was going right for them. Yet God instructs them to get moving. Interesting huh?

In 2007 I left a very good job to pursue different career opportunities. I had everything going right for me. Big salary, nice car and exciting organization. I went and started new opportunities – learnt amazing things which set me up for the next phase of my career.

This taught me never to be too comfortable in the present and miss opportunities in the future. I judge my loyalty to an organization not by staying but by my ability to achieve impactful results with all my heart, head and hands. Everywhere I have worked I never burn bridges – I build bridges and enduring networks.

I also do not judge my success by what I am called – titles don’t mean anything without achievement. I judge my success by what I answer to, the types of problems I solve and the kind of impact I make.

Let me share a few lessons to ponder:

1. Don’t leave when you are down (in the valley), leave when you are at the top (mountain)
2. Don’t leave when you must, leave when you want to
3. Don’t leave because there is a problem, leave because there is an opportunity – more lands to conquer, new skills to learn, new people to meet, new challenges to solve, new stuff to create
4. Never let a zone of comfort become a zone of lack of progress

Don’t settle …keep looking!


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