Every Opportunity Needs a Strategy (Part Two)

“…the people living there are powerful, their cities are fortified and very large…we saw Anakim giants there!….But Caleb reassured the people….” Let us go up at once and possess it…for we are well able to conquer it! ” Numbers 13:28-30

The Israeli spies went into Canaan. They tasted the milk and honey. They munched the olives. They squeezed the juicy grapes. But they were still afraid. The land was beautiful! Yet this was marred by the ugliness of their fear.

Let’s rewind – this fear was completely misplaced because God had just done some mighty things in their midst:

God is the master of disruptive innovation. He had created a whole new nation out of another nation. He had engineered new water control technologies such as parting of the Red Sea, changed migratory patterns of birds, created a ‘just in time’ delicacy called manna, pioneered green house technologies through cloud of fire by day and pillar of fire by night.

Yet the people didn’t think about all these things ….except…one Caleb who said, “let’s go up at once and possess it” Therein lies some key lessons in strategy:

1. Execution is the cure for fear
2. Fear amplifies threats and diminishes opportunities
3. An opportunity of a lifetime exists in the lifetime of that opportunity
4. There is a special grace for every special challenge or opportunity
5. Challenges and opportunities gravitate towards solutions
6. If God brings you TO it, he will take you THROUGH it

In the new economy risky is the new safe and weird is the new normal. Fear not. Be disruptive. Be a game changer. In this coming month of April …execute, don’t delay!


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