Every Opportunity Needs A Strategy (Part One)

Moses sent them out with these instructions:”Go northward into the hill country of the Negeb, and see what the land is like; …what the people are like who live there, whether they are strong or weak, many or few; and whether the land is fertile or not; and what cities there are, and whether they are villages or are fortified; whether the land is rich or poor, and whether there are many trees….” Numbers 13:17-23

I rate the Bible as the ultimate strategy resource. It is interesting that before the children of Israel went into Canaan, they had to do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.

The whole book of Numbers is about counting the children of Israel according to their “ability to fight”. They wanted to assess the depth and breadth of their military strength. Secondly they assessed the actual opportunity – the fertility of the land, the wealth, type of cities, how the people live. This was a PESTEL (political, economic, environmental, social, technological, environmental and legal) analysis.

A few lessons to ponder:

1. Without a good plan, a good opportunity becomes bad for you
2. To unlock an opportunity you need a plan
3. To defeat your enemy, you need to study their habits, strengths and way of life

Are there some opportunity or challenges in your life today. Have a plan. Assess your strength. Set aside some time to think and get it right….


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