The Morning After: Lessons In Keeping The Dream Alive

What do you do the morning after your dream is dead? Do you weep? Do you pity party? Imagine the headlines declaring your dream is dead. Everyone is thinking its game over for you. There was a group of determined women – the morning after Jesus’ death – they decided to go and preserve their dream. They had myrrh, perfumes, frankinscence and all the required preservatives.

At the crack of dawn on Sunday, the women CAME to the tomb carrying the burial spices they had PREPARED. They FOUND the entrance stone rolled back from the tomb – Luke 24:1-2 (MSG)


1. Faith works like a motion sensor door – it opens when you move
2. When you walk towards your goal, your goal walks towards you
3. When you step out in faith, God steps up His faithfulness
4. Faith prepares! The women had prepared their preservatives and perfumes
5. Faith does not wait for perfect conditions – it perfects the conditions. The women went at ‘crack of dawn’

Keep the dream alive. Step out. Walk towards your goal. Faith is a door opener.

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