Break Ups Lead To Breakthroughs: Maturing Through Challenges

I always marvel at how people react when they face challenges. Many choose to be bitter instead of being better. Others choose to give up when they should press on. Paths without challenges don’t lead to anywhere important – Joseph became prime minister after passing through the prison and the pit. I have heard many people say they want to be Nelson Mandela – that is great. But I have not heard anyone saying they would also like to spend 27 years in jail.

An egg breaks up so that the chick can break through. An eagle flutters and stirs it’s nest so that the eaglets can learn to fly. A seed dies in the ground so that a new plant can be born and bear much fruit. A few thoughts to reflect on:

1. A set up can lead to a step up if you choose to step out
2. Change your perspective and see the opportunity in the challenge
3. The process is not always as sweet as the outcome. If you don’t understand the process or method focus on the outcome.
4. Success is sometimes understood in hindsight – keep walking!
5. To go to the next level, you need to pass a test – sometimes you write it in your sweat, tears or through great pain


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