If You Want to Lead You Must Read

I had an opportunity to sit down with one man who has been in church ministry for over 50 years. His name is Bishop Ezekiel Guti. As we were talking I asked him how he had managed to achieve so much over the years and build a ministry in almost every nation on the earth. I thought I was going to get a big lecture. No. His answer was so simple “It’s in the book” He then explained that I must read his book. He then said something anecdotal : ” If you want to hide anything from an African, hide it in the book” If you are reading this, let this not be your portion.

I was reminded how in my early years as a young employee, entrepreneur and philanthropist Econet founder Dr Strive Masiyiwa once shared with me ” a leader is a reader” and how we must have a thirst for knowledge.

A few points to reflect on:

1. Everyone has a right to not have a degree, but no one has a right not to have an education
2. Learning gives your life a multi-trajectory of opportunities
3. You can’t lead beyond your skillset and knowledge set
4. You can’t lead beyond your ability to learn
5. Your learning power determines your earning power

Enjoy I have to go back to some learning – wrote this quickly over a lunch hour at a summit where I am learning!

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