Little Man With a BIG Idea: The Power of Goals

“…Zacchaues…wanted DESPERATELY to see Jesus, but the CROWD was in his WAY––he was a SHORT MAN and COULDNT see over the crowd. So he RAN on ahead and CLIMBED UP in a sycamore tree so he COULD see Jesus…”- Luke 19:2-4 (MSG)

I was reflecting on this story. Zacchaues had a simple goal – he wanted to meet the biggest celebrity of his day – Jesus. But there was a little problem – Zacchaues was a little man! Jesus rolled with huge crowds. Tiny Zacchaues had no chance of getting to see Jesus. BUT he had some idea – ‘get up the big tree little man, and grab attention’. It worked – he caught the attention of Jesus.

If you are reading this I know you have goals. How desperate are you about achieving those goals? Your frustration must be your foundation. Think about what Zacchaues did:

1. Let your desperation be your inspiration. He was desperate to see Jesus and he was inspired to do something about it. Do something about your goals.
2. Focus on the clouds not the crowds…it’s crowded at the bottom. When you look up, you will spot opportunities. He looked up and saw a sycamore tree
3. Don’t run away from problems – hidden in every problem is the solution. He “ran on ahead”
4. A problem is not solved at the same level at which it was created…Zacchaues climbed up a tree
5. Be innovative – when there is no way, create another way.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. When you come short your faith makes up!


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  2. My brother, this is great and I’m really blessed. You have no idea the inspiration you’ve given me this morning. Kudos bro and keep it up.

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