You Have The Power To Multiply

Influence is seldom about shrinking into a grain of sand but is often about growing into a mountain. A drop of water becomes an ocean when multiplied.

You are a divine masterpiece. A miracle in motion. The possibilities in you are many. Your life cannot be a one way street. When God created you, He gave you a simple mandate: “be fruitful and multiply” This was what God intended for you. The principle of first mention states that whatever God said the very first time about something was His original intention. Being fruitful and multiplying was what God said first about you. God cant ask of you what He didn’t put in you. In creating you, He wanted you to be fruitful and multiply. Multiply is a compound word – multi means “many” and ply means “layers” Take a moment and just reflect on this word before you read the rest of the article. You are supposed to live a multi layered life. Let’s break it down at a practical level:

1. Going to an 8-5 job is a single layer
2. Having one church congregation is a single layer
3. Having one income or revenue stream is a single layer
4. Having one business or branch is a single layer
5. Having one book published is a single layer

…and many other areas if your life

Think of how to multiply in every area in your life. Your ability to multiply marks the boundaries of your influence

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