Your GIFT gives your life a LIFT

Peter had no silver and gold but he could heal. Singapore has no oil but manufactures some of the world’s best oil rigs. What you DONT HAVE must never stop you from what you CAN DO…use such as you HAVE. There is something special in you.

The key to success in life lies not in trying to be the next Bill Gates, Oprah or Strive Masiyiwa – but in being the next you. God deposited in you an inbuilt success apparatus – it’s a called a GIFT. Your gift is what makes you uniquely “you”. Its what you can do better than anybody else. It’s what you could do even if you didn’t get paid for it. It comes naturally to you. It doesn’t have to be earth moving or game changing like creating an iPad – it could be baking, sewing, cooking, singing, writing, art, soccer, networking …anything really. Today know what your gift is – it is the key to your success in life. Reflect on these thoughts today:

1. Your gift is a point of contact for God’s blessing in your life
2. Your gift is a vehicle for your success. Drive your gift to your success destination
3. Your gift is a door opener and networking point. It opens room for you before great man. Wise men from the East followed baby Jesus into a manger
4. Your gift multiplies in the womb of action…exercise it!

Your gift will give your life a lift!

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