You have ideas and you just can’t get started? The business is struggling? The marriage is out of steam? The career has plateaued? The finances are barely enough? I have got news for you. Jesus is your source. When you don’t have anything, with Jesus you have everything. Don’t build your dreams based on money…if it doesn’t come your dream will die. But when you build on Jesus – your dream will always live because Jesus is alive!

KEY TWO: Your SOURE determines your RESOURCE

The key to resources lies in connecting to Jesus who is the source of it all.

John 15:7
“If ye ABIDE in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ASK what ye WILL, and it SHALL be DONE unto you”

What you need is not money, it’s the house, car, business, education – in the place of abiding all your needs are met. Don’t wait a day longer to start that project or business. What you need is not a Fallopian tube, it’s the baby – Jesus will supply. Go house hunting, car shopping and company registration. Get the nursery ready and do baby name search. He is the source of your resource. Surrender to his provision and you will know the truth of the scripture “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want”

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