Don’t Negotiate with A Terrorist

2 Kings 18:35-36
“What god has ever been able to save any nation from my power? So what makes you think the Lord can save Jerusalem? But the people on the wall remained SILENT, for the king had instructed them to say NOTHING”

In the world of business and deal making, your greatest leverage is when you take control of the conversation. If you give this away you weaken your ability to control the outcomes. In a fully fledged conflict such as the one the devil has declared on God’s children you can’t negotiate. It’s typical of adversarial bargaining where there is no room for compromise. The devil is an adversary and you can’t compromise or try to cut a deal with him.

The devil is not at your level, so he has no right TO talk to you. You can only talk AT him. Many times our faith is shaken when we try to negotiate with the devil. He is a thief and robber and must be neutralized immediately.

Life is a big deal, close it! Life is a conversation…control it.

A few key lessons from the scripture above:

1.Never listen to the enemy’s sermon. Fear comes by hearing, hearing the word of the enemy
2.Silent sometimes is louder than words
3.When the enemy provokes you to his lower level, invoke your higher level by ignoring him.
4. The devil thrives on an audience. If you ignore him, he will sulk and walk away
5. If you make the enemy your DJ, he will play songs of hell

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