The Force of Wisdom

Wisdom is not found in the breadth of books but in the depth of your relationship with Jesus. Philosophy is the the love “philos” of wisdom “sophia”. Man searches wisdom far and wide, and still fails. The recent failings of man’s wisdom in the economic, political and social systems in US, Europe demonstrates that man’s wisdom is limited.
The irony of man’s wisdom is that the more the world wisdom they accumulate the more serious problems they create – global warming, cancers, economic collapse, senseless wars, unending conflict, shameful poverty, decadence…and more.

Thank God for Jesus who has become our wisdom. He is the epitome of wisdom. When we are in Christ we operate in 3 levels of wisdom:

1. SUNESIS – this is supernatural UNDERSTANDING. It is the penetrating consideration which precedes action. It is comprehension of facts and ideas. Understanding that helps you to behave in a certain way. You will know WHAT, WHEN, HOW, WHY , WHO and WHERE to do.

2. PHRONESIS – this is a supernatural MINDSET. It is a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines your response to situations and interpretation of those situations. Your MIND is SET. Your mind is set in what you think about success, failure, sickness, trials, finances. It helps you to response definitively to every and any situation in life. For example you can say “All things are possible, I am the head and not the tail…” It’s a MIND – SET that determines your LIFE – SET

3. SOPHIA – this is supernatural INSIGHT into all reality. Knowing exactly what each element represents…beyond the five senses. Going beyond what could be explained humanly. We operate under spiritual laws of wisdom, not physical laws – laying hands on the sick, declaring and it’s established. You know beyond what can be seen and the description of senses. It is practical wisdom and forces you to act in a particular way.

Your insight and understanding will give you a mindset that makes you win in life everyday. Christ is your wisdom. Beyond the cross we don’t ASK for wisdom , we ACTIVATE wisdom – the essence of wisdom lives in us – Christ!

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