Years ago when I started my career I was full of the drive of youth. I wanted to conquer the work world yet I didn’t know what weapons to use. I desired to scale the corporate ladder quickly, yet there was no ladder in sight. I wanted to run a multi – million dollar organisation yet I only had one year experience after college. I was a diamond in the rough and unfinished article. There was a strategic innocence and tactical naivety in how I approached issues. You do not just get promoted because you have a degree. Getting a job is one thing, climbing the ladder (if you can see one) is another? I bought and started businesses too. Deal making and running business is not a guessing game – there must be strategic intentionality and tactical nous in your approach.  You need to stand out to be noticed. Nobody deals with a ‘no body’. It was until one day I decided to consult the great within – I went inside myself and discovered there was more in me. I have learnt my lessons and want to say ‘there is more in you too!’

I write this article for the one who has worked for too long with no promotion, yet I speak to the one starting their career to say ‘there is more in you’. I write to business people to say the greatest capital you have is not in the bank, it’s in you, yet I write to job seekers to say ‘you don’t bring anything to the table you are the table!’  So you are worth more. I don’t want to excite you, I want to provoke you. I am not writing theory, but I write with the ink of my spirit, so I can stir your great within. To go higher you need to dig deeper and mine the great within. External growth is an extension of internal growth. This is the essence of your personal brand – that which is uniquely you. In this series I want to activate your personal brand and divine purpose, awaken your leadership and position you to flourish in the marketplace.

Turn On The Power

Your current temporary position is not your permanent condition. Your situation is not your destination. Your personal brand has nothing to with where you are, it’s to do with who you are. A Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster in a Mini Cooper dealership in no less than a Mercedes Benz in the showroom or assembly line in Germany. It may even look as small as a Mini Cooper, but there is something wired into that car. You just need to turn on the Merc ignition to prove it. The ignition sets ablaze something hidden under the bonnet and wired into the engine – sheer power. What is my point? When you turn on the power hidden in the great within, you connect with that which defines you – that which is in your DNA or wiring. There is conversation which happens between the ignition key and the car engine – the engine does not have to think what to do – it just has to turn on! When you have a conversation with your great within – you awaken that which was in a slumber, you provoke that which was in recess and fan the embers of that which must light the world. How do I actually do that? Good question, but the answer is in Part Two next week.

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  1. Thanks for this inspiring article. It gives us a sure guide of navigating in this ever changing world yet it reminds us we have a constant within us, The Great Within! Eagerly waiting for part two.

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