Leave Your Village Part Three

In the last two articles I took you through the journey through ‘passover’, a ‘makeover’ and ‘crossed over’ stages. Today you are ready to takeover. In the last article I wrote “When you crossover you need a specific toolset and unique set of skills to deal with uncertainty and the unfamiliar” This is the import of this article which focuses on ‘Takeover’
Takeover has to do with the behaviour set , skill set, tool set and mental set that makes you flourish in the new territory. Not every child of Israel who went into Canaan possessed their own piece of land. Not everybody who is given necessarily receives. The hand that gives must be met with the hand that receives. The end game in believing is possession. Takeover is about becoming a possessor. It’s the turning of your dream into reality.

Takeover Stage – ‘Go In’

For the children of Israel the 40 year journey in the desert was not a stroll in the park but it was in search of their promised land. It would be have been tragic for Israelites if after leaving Egypt, crossing over the Red Sea and their makeover into a ‘mean war machine’ they had still remained as slaves with nothing to their name. They had to takeover! Let me quickly share the Takeover set of behaviours, skill set and mental attitude:
Skill Set and Tool Set – Takeover is a game of finesse and panache. In the wilderness the children of Israel were used to manna. It was all hunky-dory. However in Canaan – ‘the manna ceased’ – they had to learn a new skill set: animal and crop husbandry. Once you leave your village you need a new set of skills to survive in town. Develop a new skill set. Each year I have to improve myself because the environment is dynamic. In the last two years I became a Certified Prosci Change Expert and a Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. I am building a strong ‘war chest’ of skills and competency ‘tool set’ to dominate or takeover every sector I operate in. Empires of the future are empires of the mind – are you building your skill set?

If you want to improve in your career, business or ministry you need to be learning ALL the time. Each stage of your progress requires a new skill set to unlock and to sustain it. The difference between your current and the next level in your job, business or ministry is in a new skill. Apple, the US maker of iPad, iPhone, Mac and iPod is continuing to define and redefine the post Personal Computing (PC) era by using its unique corporate competencies to develop revolutionary products such as the recently launched ‘resolutionary’ 4G iPad 3.

Behaviour Set – Takeover is a game of strategy. There is‘deliberateness’ about taking over. Like a mother pregnant with child, when you are pregnant with purpose you are selective of what and how you do things. You are strategic. Joshua led the children of Israel in the takeover of Canaan. He was a smart leader. Joshua sent some men on a spying mission in order for him to draft the right takeover strategy. He gathered enough “takeover target intelligence” or information. He then organised the children of Israel into regimented bands before executing a well timed and coordinated takeover strategy of Canaan. The key lesson is that you need to be calculative and wise in gathering key information of what you want to takeover and then you implement a clinical and swift takeover strategy. I wrote an article in 2011 on Takeover Mentality (see http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=495780833197) where I shared at length on how to deal with “strongholds, kings, giants and beasts” when you want to takeover.

Mental Set – Takeover is a game of faith. Believe you can and you will! Faith is the confident assurance that what you hope for is going to happen. Faith demonstrates to the eye of the mind the reality of those things that cannot be discerned by the eye of the body. Faith marks the boundaries of how much you can receive or possess. There was an old man called Caleb who was 85 years when they entered into Canaan. He didn’t ask for a small piece of land – he asked for a whole mountain at that age! This is the attitude that you must have – dream big. Think of taking over whole nations, industries, professions, towns. Launch into the deep. You don’t have to launch your net into the shallow where you see everything happening. Just launch into the deep waters of faith…the big fish are found in the deep waters.

Hold your nerve – stay focused until you takeover.

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