Leave Your Village Part One

As a coach and mentor one of the things I have learnt is that personal transformation is a journey and not an event. However along this journey there are defining moments or events. A lot of people fail to make the transition from one level of success to the next because they fail to read these key stages. The world abounds with stories of people who did not get great opportunities but made great of the opportunities life presented them. An opportunity of a lifetime exists in the life of that opportunity. The secret is in understanding times and seasons.

There is a simple story in the Bible in Mark 8: 22-26. Jesus encountered a blind man. He took this man ‘by hand’ out of his village. The first time after being laid hands upon this man could see ‘man like trees’. The second time around his sight was completely restored. Jesus then told him not to go back to village. I want to share the 4 vital stages of personal transformation for your success. These stages are Passover, Makeover, Crossover and Takeover in that order.

Passover Stage – ‘Go Out’

Jesus took the matter of this blind man literally into his own hands, by leading him out of the village ‘by hand’. In order to progress in life you need to leave your village. Village represents familiarity, limitations, little exposure and limited vision. Village is not necessarily a place but is also a state of mind. Village is a place of surrender and condemnation. In Africa the old, retired, sick, rascals and hopeless folk are send to the village. The children of Israel once stayed in a village called Egypt for over 400 years until a time to ‘passover’ came.

In order for your career, marriage, ministry, business or project to flourish you need to leave your village. A village or cradle mentality makes you a slave to the familiar, daily grind and routines. In order to experience growth you need to break out of the familiar and go out of your village. For some your job, industry or country has now become your village while others the village is in the mind – you want to stick to the knitting and you think there are sharks out there. This year dare the undared, try the untried, venture into the unknown, blaze the trail, go out, break out – passover!

Makeover Stage – ‘Go Under’

Your mind-set determines your life-set. To upgrade your life you need to upgrade your mind. You may come out of the village, but it’s also important for the village to also come out of you. Your mind needs to go under some transformation. Jesus did a bit of ‘surgery’ on the man’s eyes laying hands and spitting on them. Some scales which were blinding the man had to come off so he could see clearly. Once you come out of the village you need to do a mental and physical makeover. When the children of Israel left Egypt they were used to saying “Boss, yes Master, I am a humble servant, I am a slave”. In the wilderness God wanted to get Egypt out of them and change their slavery mindset. You cannot continue to wear village clothes in town; neither can you walk like you used to do in the fields. Change your style!

There are simple makeover tips such as changing your talk – your talk determines who listens to you. Dress the way you wanted to be addressed. Change how you walk, because it determines where you walk and who looks at you. Urban decorum and etiquette demands a certain finesse and deportment different from a village context. For example while it’s okay to brag about having killed a rabbit in the village, in an urban context this may be frowned upon. In conclusion I want to challenge you to do a self assessment of some of the ‘village’ or cradle mentality elements which have been limiting your progress. You may have passed over from unemployment to a job, but for you to now go to the next level you need to do a makeover. Is it self-evident that you are now ready to assume significant responsibilities and have outgrown your current position? Transition from village to town. Mental transformation is a key element in the journey towards achieving lasting results in life. Without a complete mental makeover you will not be ready to Crossover and Takeover…to be continued…/

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