Strategy To Conquer 2012

2012 has now come. Do not go through the year, let the year go through you. Dictate the pace. Determine the activities. Command the issues. Be in charge. This is your year. A season once came when God wanted to usher his Israel into the Promised Land. Joshua was the commander. God gave Joshua a simple strategy – he was going to use his MOUTH, HEART, HEAD and HANDS to conquer Canaan. It worked and still does. I would like to unpack Joshua 1:8 and share some ancient wisdom relevant for you today.

Confession Brings Possession

“This Book of the Law shall not depart out of your MOUTH…,”

It matters what you say. Say right. Use your MOUTH. The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for many years because of their mouths – they complained too much. You can build or destroy yourself by the words you speak. The worlds were framed by the word. In the beginning God spoke things came into being. It therefore stands to reason that words are the building blocks of your life. Death and life are in the power of the tongue – speak life! You shall declare things in your life and they will be established because words have creative power. This year master your tongue.

Meditation Leads to Gravitation

“…you shall MEDITATE on it day and night…”

It matters what you think about. Think right. Use your HEART. Feed your spirit with the right thoughts. Marinate your heart with images of your desires. What you meditate on gravitates towards you. Your thoughts create a force field of possibilities and opportunities. Ideas, innovation, creations are all products of thoughts. Brood over your thoughts. Incubate your ideas. Pray over them, speak the word over them and soon they will hatch. Guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life.

What You Watch, You Can Match

“…that you may OBSERVE…”

It matters what you understand. Understand right. Use your HEAD. Joshua was told that he was to “observe” to do. The word used here – “observe” also means to understand; to figure out; mark, protect, preserve or reserve. Like a watchman or sentinel look after your ideas and meditations. As you watch you gain exceeding amplitude of understanding to navigate forests and evade predators. Observation brings preservation. A farmer understands the soil because he has observed it for some time, just as a seaman will understand the seas because of observation over some time. Master your game. Observe…

“…and Do”

It matters what you do. Do it right. Use your HANDS. The ultimate pillar in the strategy given to Joshua was execution. Many people dream but few execute. This year means different things to different people. If you like the script then join the cast – what’s your part? It’s not enough to make slogans if there is no execution. Your MOUTH, HEART and HEAD will direct your HANDS in what to do. Thoughts must become words, words must become ideas and ideas must become actions.

I encourage you to read your Bible, locate yourself in the word. Appropriate the promises of God concerning you. Feed your spirit with materials that inspire you to become the person you were created to be. Your life is a product of your words, meditations, observations and execution.

This is your year!

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