Unbundling Your Assets

In this series, we have been focusing on how to ‘Unlock Your Value’ in order to make a difference in this world. You are a bundle of blessing waiting to be unpacked. A divine endowment was deposited into your life. It is evident in the beauty of your thoughts, spirit, ideas, meditation and imagination. This endowment is the divine equity in your balance sheet. There is no deficiency, insufficiency, high gearing or inadequacy on your life’s balance sheet. God took care of all your life’s business. He has front end loaded you with His blessing. O boy when you talk of ‘His blessing’ you are talking of the whole Deity being tabernacled in your hood. His blessing is about His sufficiency becoming your sufficiency. You are complete in Him.  You are loaded – filled with the fullness of God. Hallelujah!

Let me hold a mirror and just show you who you are in a few words. You are endowed with amazing talent, great personality, incredible skill, awesome spirit and vast knowledge. Friend that’s all you need to rock this world. I am your witness and can testify that there is much more in you. The day you were born some called you a ‘bundle of cuteness’ others called you a ‘bundle of greatness’. However for the world to experience your beauty and glory, you must be unbundled. Let’s unpack this in the following principles:

Unbundling Principle One: Create

If businesses do not create value they destruct or destroy value. A few years ago Nokia was the king of the mobile phone market. Over the years its value has been locked in creating a phone for everybody. The business is no longer exciting and is losing money and market share. It’s very simple to understand – it’s because they use the Symbian operating platform, which has now been overtaken by Android, Blackberry and iPhone operating systems.  In order to once again unlock their value, they are going to dump their trusted Symbian and embrace the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. In one stroke they will once again create value by leveraging the popular Microsoft platform. Time and space will not allow me to look at the strategic upshot of what Nokia stands to achieve, but suffice to say this is a strategic master stroke!

The key lesson in the example of Nokia is that there are certain past accomplishments which can easily become an encumbrance and limit progress. Holding on to past achievements can rob you of the sweetness of present victory. God created the first Adam and realised He wasn’t good enough hence created a superman – the last Adam, Christ who is matchless. The destruction of the old, leads to the construction of the new. To unbundle your assets you need to let go of limiting behaviours, negative attitudes, narrow mindsets and warped philosophies which are contrary to your progress. I can’t define these for you, but as you read right now, they are being defined in your heart. You know better. Start to create new ideas, ways of doing things and imagine solutions. God the Great Imaginarian and Creator deposited this creative ability in you. If you are not creating you are destructing. Everything you come into contact with must change because you came. Create!

Unbundling Principle Two: Multiply

You are a divine masterpiece. A miracle in motion. The possibilities in you are unfathomable. When God created you, He gave you a simple mandate, which was:  “..be fruitful and multiply”. The word “be” is an imperative implying that God can’t demand of you what He didn’t deposit in you. This was what God intended for you. The law of first mention states that whatever God said the very first time about something was His original intention. Being fruitful and multiply was what God said first about you. God can’t ask of you what He didn’t put in you. In creating you, He wanted you to be fruitful and multiply. Multiply is a compound word –‘multi’ means many and ‘ply’ means layers.

You are supposed to live a multi layered life. Let’s break it down. Going to an 8-5 job is a single layer. Having one business or branch is a single layer. Having one church assembly is a single layer. Having one revenue stream is a single layer. Multiply! Never allow job descriptions, grades, geography, laws, policies, industries or organisations to box you. Brother Sower, are you advocating for chaos and anomie? No friend, just inspirational dissatisfaction – that you do not accept current limitations and boundaries. I want you to raise the bar.

This is your time. The world is waiting for your unbundling (manifestation). It waited for Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It’s now your time. You have something in you for which they have been searching. Nobody can take it away from you. Just give your best to every opportunity. Every deed must be a finished product. Your every act is a glimpse of the greatness in you. Manifest!

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