Unlock Your Value

Have you ever looked at yourself as an asset? This is the way God looks at you. When you were created, you were loaded with so much value. This value is hidden in your talent, personality, passion, skills and the experiences you go through. Let me quickly use an illustration to make the point. The value of a business is in its underlying assets. The assets are the physical assets, intellectual property (IP), goodwill, products, competencies and unique capabilities. It is when a business “sweats” these assets that value is unlocked. In some instances businesses undertake an “unbundling” exercise in order to unlock value.

For example a few years ago a major hotel group in Africa decided to “unbundle” and list the hotel business separate from the properties in which the hotels are housed. The shareholders now make money in two ways from the hotel business and the rental income from the properties themselves. Hidden value has been unlocked! The important point is that the value is already there – its hidden waiting to be unlocked.

To unlock value means to accentuate hidden strengths and unique capabilities. It also refers to unveil what is already in you. How then do you unlock your value? There are a number of keys:

Key One: Strategic Relationships and Divine Connections

In order to unlock your value you need strategic relationships or divine connections. Years ago the McDonald brothers where struggling with their business. They met one man called Ray Kroc who came and unlocked the value in their business to give us the McDonalds Fast Foods that is now all over the world today. A strategic relationship!  In the Bible, there was an Esther in the palace, a Boaz in the field for Ruth , a Jonathan in the palace for David, a Rahab to hide the spies,  a Joseph in Egypt during a famine. These are divine connections which unlocked the destiny of nations. You also need divine connections in order to unlock your value.

Key Two: Insight and Revelation

Steve Jobs, the iconic founder of Apple, has an uncommon gift of insight. Through revolutionary products such as iPad, iPod and the Mac, Jobs has added a game changing dynamic in the personal computing industry.  He has the ability to see beyond the obvious and unlock value. Insight is the ability to see beyond your five senses. Businesses that are driven by insight are always a step ahead of their competitors. The same is true for any organisation – leaders with insight see beyond the horizon and lead their organisations to the “Promised Land”.

One profound example of how revelation can unlock your value is the ancient story of Joseph. Joseph had an ability to interpret dreams. This revelation of dreams caused him to become a Prime Minister in Egypt – yet he was a foreigner. Insight and revelation makes you see what only is in you – “in-sight”- that which nobody else can see. Its hidden, hence is only seen by revelation.

Key Three: Mentorship

In Greek mythology, Mentor was asked to train King Odysseus’ son Telemachus. The training then later became ‘mentoring’ as others from the trade guilds were being ‘mentored’ . In the Bible Adam was mentored by God. Other prominent mentoring relationships include Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy, Jesus and The Twelve. Mentoring is therefore as old as creation. It is God’s appointed way of unlocking value. A mentor is someone who gives you roots so you have a firm foundation and strong sense of heritage upon which to build your success. A mentor gives you a roadmap to show you the big picture; they reveal where you are; they show you what roads to take; and they tell you what roads to avoid. Lastly they give you handles so you know how to deal with issues in life and wings so you can soar and fly on the wings of their experience. Mentors are also door openers and connectors. They unlock something in you.

This is your season of unlocking your value. It’s your midwife season when you must birth something – ideas, businesses, projects, results.

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