Possess Your Possessions

At the beginning of the year I began a series which includes Fighting For Your Space and Conquering Your Space. In last week’s article Your Set Time Has Come, I shared that the time for you to flourish has now come. You have been ignored for so long. You have been playing on the fringes for too long. I wrote of a season of opportunity. In the same spirit today, I want to usher you into your inheritance.  I know you can fly with the eagles. No more swimming with the ducks. The set time to possess your possessions and inherit your inheritance has come. The season of wandering in the wilderness of failure, poverty, confusion, challenges and darkness is over. If I am accused of being a bearer of good news, then I am guilty. If I am accused of being a motivational writer, then I have no defence. I am just an executor of an inheritance that belongs to you. I want you to awaken to the treasure that is in the great within. Without an awareness of your inheritance, you can be a king walking on foot, while beggars are riding on horses. Possess your possessions!

Time To Influence

A father wanted to teach his son about influence. He illustrated the lesson in a practical way using how different objects react when exposed to hot water.  An egg was boiled in water, and it hardened after a few minutes. A carrot that was also placed in a different pot with hot water, reacted by softening. A spoonful of coffee put in another pot of hot water reacted by filling the water with its aroma and colour. What a profound story! Let me unpack the lessons in this story.

The land or space you must possess today could be like hot water infested with giants, beasts and strongholds. If you have been reacting by hardening like an egg, you will soon fossilise and become extinct. Never allow the elements around you to immobilise you through fear or discouragement. Maybe the economic, political and social environment in your country has made you “a battle hardened egg”. You have learnt coping mechanisms at the expense of game changing mechanisms. I want to invoke something in you today – you are a game changer. Listen to the whispers of the great within.

Possessors Are Game Changers

If I had time and space I could share about the game changing strategies of the iconic Steve Jobs when Apple was facing serious competition in the computer market. Through the creation of first class and revolutionary products such as the iPad, iPod and iPhone, Steve refused to be immobilised and fossilised by the mighty Microsoft, Dell or Compaq. He changed Apple from competing in the mass market of generic computers to a niche market player selling high end products.  Only last week, Steve in the company of Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook, Eric Schmidt of Google and other technology titans had the opportunity for dinner with President Obama. Steve is one the few men expected to help create more jobs and expand the American economy through technology and innovation. A general to his generation.  (Note: Lets all remember Steve Jobs in our prayers…he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is on extended medical leave). Be innovative in everything you do. There are so many answers in you.

In order to influence your world, you need to stop being a “softie” like a carrot. You need to be bold and courageous.  Joshua was told that in order to possess the Promised Land, he needed to be bold and courageous. If it aint broke don’t fix it. I have the same prescription for you today – be bold and courageous. The world is looking for people who are bold. Never let your colleagues at work, in ministry, business and even in politics make you the easy way out. Have a strong point of view and don’t waver or falter. Reserve your right to be wrong if need be, where principles are at stake.

Like coffee in hot water, let your aroma and flavour so influence your environment. The environment accentuates the outlines of your purpose. Your environment will never again be an excuse for failure or inaction if you catch this truth.  The hottest water brews the strongest and most tasty coffee. When you get to a place, they must feel you. I do not mean throw your weight around or make an advert  to announce your arrival. Only insecure leaders do that. You influence through your ability to deliver excellently and on time. Your uniqueness gives you an edge over everybody else in this world. In your uniqueness is the game changing ability. Be known for doing something better than everybody else. Do not compete for accolades and recognition. You miss the point when you do that. Run your own race and win accolades that are only due to you.  In a quiet and effective way, make a difference, and sooner or later, you will build credibility and the critical mass to go for bigger and better responsibilities. This is your set time to possess your possessions and inherit your inheritance.

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