Your Set Time Has Come

Today I want to write as a prophet to usher you into your destiny. I want to write as an apostle to proclaim a new season into your life. I want to write as a teacher to point you to where you ought to be. I want to write as a pastor to shepherd you to pastures of progress. There is an urgency in my heart, because I know there is much more in you. Are you OK with poverty, unemployment, disease, economic, political and social malaise wrapping the earth in darkness? You are an answer to something and a solution for someone. Arise! There is sunrise glory rising over your life. The set time to favour you has come. This is the appointed time for you to move to the next level. You might have been at the back of the queue, you are now moving to the front. The mountains of despair will turn into valleys of hope. The dirge and songs of lament will turn into songs of victory. The sagging walls of failure cannot withstand the surging forces of progress. The time to favour you has come.

Season of Opportunity

God created the greater light (sun) and the lesser light (moon). The greater light (sun) rules both the day and night (because the moon does not have light of its own). You can live in the day of your life (greater light), when others are living in the night of life (lesser light). The day of your life represents opportunity, progress and advancement. The night of your life represents confusion, failure and challenges. What matters is how much light you have in your life.

Light is your ability to see and the degree of revelation you have. It matters how and what you see. In every crisis there is an opportunity. The root of opportunity is port. A port is a place of exchange. There is loading and off loading at a port. Today you can load success for failure, health for sickness, breakthrough for breakdown, hope for despair, fruitfulness for bareness, faith for fear, love for hate and prosperity for poverty. Friend there is an opportunity for you this year. This is your season to shine. God never created you to live the low life. You are the zenith of creation created for the higher life. Of all that was created, God breathed into your nostrils. It sets you apart from other animals. You have the breath/ life of God in you. This life will transform your business, finances, marriage, job, community or nation from the low life to the higher life. Walk always with the consciousness that you are a creature of dominion. Circumstances do not dictate the course of your life, but your life determines the course of circumstances. Yes! Yes! You are set up for a step up in this season. What do you see?

Season of Delivery

As you load at the opportunity port, you get on the voyage to deliver. Fruitfulness comes from fortitude. In this season your vine shall not cast fruit before its time – staying power.  I want to challenge you to be a person of delivery and excellence. You are carrying precious cargo destined for this generation. What you are carrying is too precious to be ship wrecked on the seas of resistance or plundered by the pirates of discouragement. When the winds of excellence fill your sails, you can ride on the wave of progress. You have a generational mandate to make a difference. If you are in a job, be known for exceptional delivery. No room for slackness and slothfulness. Your job is your port to go to the next level. It’s the connecting point to things bigger and better. You show readiness for significant responsibilities by shining in your current role. If you were getting so negative and despondent about your job, I want you to change your attitude. If your job is not God-sent, it will certainly be God-used. Oh yes! You can never be disadvantaged in life. Ministers, businesspeople, politicians, students, volunteers, excellence is the key. Stage or size does not matter, excellence does. Expansion favours the excellent. Even retirees and pensioners you are not about to expire, but to explode. Write your story, one day a nobody will read it and become a somebody.

You make a difference by delivering differently. Use wisdom to unlock doors, create and appropriate opportunities. Be a game changer. You are marked for a blessing. No more delay, no more denial. Your set time has come.


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