Takeover Mentality Part 2

In the last article we looked at how we deal with strongholds. Strongholds are imaginations, dominant ideas and thoughts. They form in your mind and develop  mental blocks which stand in the way of your progress. The children of Israel took 40 years wandering in the desert, on a journey that ordinarily should have taken 11 days to cross into the Promised Land! This was all because they had a wilderness mindset, which made them to wander around in one place. This year, you are going to experience your promised land.  There are no limits that will confine you in one place. You can make the short dash to your place of flourish if you change your mind set by nurturing the right thoughts. In this series we are focusing on the mentality or mindset you need to live a victorious and exultant life.

As you meditate on this series you will develop a mindset – a fixed mental attitude that will determine your interpretation and response to situations. This mindset will also help you to handle kings, beasts and giants.

Dealing With Kings

Kings represent the people who are in charge whether in the marketplace, organisations, community or nations. Kings are sovereign. Old kings seek to kill new kings…remember Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus because he knew what he was carrying. In the marketplace some people may seek to buy you out, and kill your idea before it becomes great. In organisations people, may seek to dilute your ideas by downplaying the impact. How do you respond? Through wisdom and maturity. Moses and Jesus all had to flee for a season.

Kings want to kill ideas and innovations. If you prematurely announce your presence people will knock you out quickly. Hide your babies from people who want to destroy them. Build your capacity and capability quietly. You need to increase in your wisdom and understanding. Wisdom can be defined as insight into issues and quick comprehension of facts or the ‘penetrating consideration that precedes action’. When Paul was brought before the High Priest, he quotes the law yet they were accusing him of being a law breaker. When the Romans were beating him up, he suddenly invoked his Roman citizenship, yet he was a thoroughbred Jew. He was smart. Wisdom is the principal thing! It will cause you to handle everything that comes your way.

Overcoming Giants & Beasts

Giants represent established authorities in business, organisations, industry, communities or nations. Giants want things to be done in a particular way – their way. They set the rules and boundaries.  If you have your new ideas they are discarded or quickly killed. They prefer the ‘tried and tested’. They are slow and are steeped in tradition. Have you not seen how established politicians will want to destroy upcoming politicians? You have heard how certain existing ‘big’ churches, want to ‘pray’ out the small churches. Businesses will play dirty and rough to destroy upcoming small businesses. In organisations to move from one grade to the next, there are people who would rather see you in a lower grade forever.

To overcome giants you need to be a game changer. Giants are inflexible and lethargic. Richard Branson of the Virgin Group fights existing industry giants such as British Airways by being unconventional. Be unconventional. David fought Goliath with a sling. Hunt like a leopard…spring a surprise. Giants have size BUT no speed. When they expect you to come with a full armor, come out with a sling and five stones! To deal with beasts you need to be vigilant. Know the holes out of which beasts come from.  Be wise as a serpent and humble as a dove. Be pure in spirit, but well calculated in your head. A serpent never exposes its belly and is quick. Don’t expose your weaknesses.

Don’t allow your history to intimidate your potential. Don’t permit your past to sabotage your future. Whatever God delivers you out of, He also gives you power to dominate. Be stubborn in your faith. Be persistent in hope. Be unfailing in love. This month just do it  and keep walking…

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