Conquering Your Space

Have you ever reflected on your uniqueness? Has it ever crossed your mind that you are creature of wonder? Has it ever occurred to you that you are in this world on a special assignment? You?  Yes, if not you then who? There is a unique space which you must conquer. This space could be your profession, ministry, industry, business.  There is a song which only you can sing. There is an idea which only you can develop. You are the final piece in the puzzle of humanity. Completing this puzzle defines your purpose. There is a demand upon your life to aspire to greatness. The seeds of greatness flourish in the soil of responsibility. There are a number of keys which you need in order to conquer your space.

Key One: Insight and Foresight

John the Revelator wrote the book of Revelations under when he was blind, yet with his internal eyes he saw visions which were so glorious. The lesson here is that, even when there is darkness around you , the eye of the spirit can still see. Through insight and foresight you can see beyond your limitations into the space of opportunity. Where others see gloom you see glory. With no solution in sight, you can bring one into light.

Live ahead of your time. You have the capacity to prophesy over your own life – because you have the measure of faith in you and the ability to dream. Dreams are a picture of the future. Insight and foresight doesn’t use the 5 senses, but revelation knowledge. Attempt new things. It doesn’t have to make sense to anybody. It didn’t make sense in 1978 that there would be at least one computer in every home, office. When Noah built the ark, everybody laughed at him. Insight and foresight connects you with divinity. As you connect with divinity, rivers of inspiration flow out of you. The world is looking for fresh inspiration to create new inventions and solutions. This year, swim against the tide and go against the grain. To conquer your space you need to do something unusual. Redefine the rules of your profession, business, ministry.

Key Two: Faith and Hope

Faith is the key to unlock your space. There could be giants in your space, but you can use faith to drive them out. To attempt pioneering acts you need faith. Faith does not have to see it to believe, it believes it to see it. Faith is the eye of the spirit.

Today your business might be struggling with cash flow problems. The customer base is shrinking. Your job is on the line. You might even be the most junior staff member in your company. Your department is an outcast. Your profession might not be so well regarded. Faith is the key that will make you transform your situation. Faith is what allows you to enter the future – not with a question mark – but with an exclamation mark! Faith does not consider your current status or condition; it drives you towards your dreams. How do you demonstrate your faith?

Key Three: Goals and Planning

You demonstrate your faith by setting goals. Goals are a measure of faith. Hope is the test of that faith. What the eye of faith has seen, the hand of hope will collect. Today I want to challenge you to set clear goals of where you want to see your career, business, ministry or organisation going. Goals give value to your purpose. Purpose is dead without goals. Goals empower purpose to deliver. Purpose is impotent without goals.  Goals are the defining boundaries of your space. The bigger the goals the bigger the space. There are limitless possibilities in you. Your life cannot be defined by a job title, job description, business or profession. You are much more. There is a star in you and it must begin to shine. You can operate in unusual skill and uncommon wisdom.  May God show up and show off in your life. You are a stunning crown in the palm of His hand.

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