Forgetting What Lies Behind

2011 is a year of different things to different people. The one thing that is clear is that it’s a year in which YOU must be the main actor in a script which is unfolding. If this year is going to be its going to be down to your choices, decisions and actions. No amount of fancy slogans and lofty goals will bring success if you just sit, hope and pray some divine power will bring success to your doorstep. The season of manna ended during the crossover from Egypt. In your ‘Promised Land’, the method of blessing is fruitfulness, multiplication and dominion. The year does not bring anything to you; you bring something to the year. To lead a life of victory and progress, life must not ‘happen’ to you, but you must ‘happen’ to life. This means making a conscious decision to superimpose your will on circumstances in your life through your choices, decisions and actions. This is your beginning as a burning and shining light.

Let Go Of The Past

Apostle Paul writes about his desire to forget all his past successes as a great minister of the gospel and also of his past failings as the greatest persecutor of the church. His eye was on the ultimate goal in spite of previous successes and notwithstanding past failures. This is the attitude of world changers.

The tantalising comfort of the past can easily rob us of the thrill of future glory and success.  To some the past represents the successes of 2010, the accolades of dreams that have come true, the trophies of conquest in our success cabinet and the souvenirs from the adventures of yester year. There is nothing wrong with all this, only if it motivates you to do better this year. Success is not a destination, but the ‘progressive realisation of predetermined worthwhile goals’ – Paul J Meyer. If you did well last year, this year you can only do better because the principles of success do not change. The celebration party is over and it’s time to build success upon success. Break camp, on your way now!

To others the past represents images of pain, the scars of failure, the burden of disappointment, a cemetery of aborted dreams and a reminder of the anguish of losing. If you are in the latter category, I have got a word for you – God is the master of the turn around and the resurrection power can revive every dead area in your life. Failure is not a permanent condition. Failure is just feedback. Learn your lesson. The pity party is over; you have an opportunity to start afresh. Wipe them tears, square shoulders, chin up and chest out. 2011 is your beginning as a burning and shining light.

The One Thing You Must Do

Once you let go of the past you need to set your mind on accomplishing something. There are so many things to be done this year. However you don’t have to do everything. There is the one thing which you must do, and that one thing must be the most impactful. The people who made the greatest impact in the world have never been known to be jack of all trades. They had singular laser beam focus. Think of Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and others. You need to also identify YOUR one thing. Your Promised Land is your unique space which only YOU can dominate. You are wired to dominate in a very specific area. There are ideas, nations, business, professions, industry and products which only hear your voice.  Identify them and go for it!

To bring revolutionary change in your life and the world around you, you need to have a sharp focus. There are two keys to focus, namely PRIORITIES and CONCENTRATION. To prioritise means to do the right things first. Not every job is your job. Not every race is your race.  Not every business idea is your idea. Not every opportunity is your opportunity. What is yours? Learn to run your own race and compete in your own track.

Your priority must be to do the one thing which you were born into this world to do. You shine brightest in the area you are gifted the most. Priority is the fire that will cause you to wake up when everyone is sleeping, and the fuel to cause you to go the extra mile when everyone is giving up along the journey of success. Priority gets things done. However it is not enough to get things done, you need to do it in style. This requires CONCENTRATION, which is the ability to pursue your goals without distraction and with total presence of spirit, soul and body. To birth great success you need total concentration. A signature performance is a result of totally investing yourself in your goals. Priorities will give you progress and concentration will give you excellence in all you do.

This is your beginning as a burning and shining light!


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