The Force of Love

I never miss an opportunity to embrace and learn. In recent weeks I have learnt a great deal about love. Love is force which can transform the world. It’s a force which can power your dreams. I know you have heard about Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Intelligent Quotient (IQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), but today I would like to talk about a different intelligence – the Love Intelligence (LQ). I know last week I introduced a new intelligence which I called Value Intelligence (VQ). Am I throwing all this out? No. I have a new light – revelation and knowledge is progressive. This is a season to develop your love intelligence (LQ) and experience a new level of success in every area of life. Love is a fruit in all season which is within the reach of everyone. Love can win a foe and keep a friend. It can win a nation. The force of love is greater than the force of hate.

Love Powers Goals

There are 3 key elements which are essential for you to achieve your goals in life. These we get from the Bible as follows “Faith, Hope and Love”. The greatest of the 3 is LOVE. Faith is calling real what you have seen afar off in hope. Hope is belief in the future and in your goals. Pursue it with love. Love means no anger, no resentment and no complaining. Love invokes passion which in turn leads to deep commitment, deep resolution, deep motivation and deep conviction. You will not win unless you pour your heart and soul into your dream or work.

I believe that passion is the oil that lubricates the wheels of your goals. Without passion the going can be really creaky resulting in burn out and stress. Passion is what gives you deep commitment to your goals. It’s the fire that creates a yearning and craving in your heart for what you are pursuing. When linked to your purpose it even creates a sense of obligation and sense of destiny. Passion is the voice that says yes in the midst of ‘no voices’. The source of passion is your heart or spirit. This is the seat of action – “in-spirit-action” (inspiration). When the well of inspiration dries up your goals grind to a halt. Strong people have a strong heart – a heart that can love.

Love Gives Confidence

I belong to a generation which did not relate to fathers as our children now do. The name father always invoked a sense of fear. Father was the epitome of discipline and order. When “Father” was by the gate the whole house including “Mother” would get in order. This does not mean our fathers were evil. They just had a different way of expressing it, or we could not interpret their love language. Fast forward to 20 years later. I am now a father, blessed with 3 most amazing children. When I get home from work, it becomes a moment of disorder and lovely chaos – the jumping and screaming is magical. My eldest will be rummaging through my bag looking for my laptop to “work”, and my youngest who is 2, dips his tiny fingers into the side pockets of my bag looking for “guggle gum”. My girl is just contend to cling to dad.

The key lesson is that the home environment must not be too regimented that children lose their confidence to such an extent that as a parent you miss an opportunity to impart to your children. This applies to the work and ministry environments too. Churches and work places must not be turned into rendezvous of distress and torture but havens of love and comfort. Lack of love kills the confidence of your congregation and team members. In an atmosphere where there is love, discipline is driven by relationship and not rules and regulations. Discipline without relationship breeds rebellion. Love does not just give confidence to those around you, but also to yourself. I never need to announce to my children “Do you know that I am the father of this house?” My children have no confusion whatsoever about who is in charge, the things I value the most and what I expect of them. Lack of love leads to insecurity which terrorises the people you are meant to impact. You have been lacking confidence lately and suffering from low self esteem lately? Love is the antidote – just love everyone around you and see the magical change…soon you will have a spring in your step.

Oh if I had time and space, I would share with you about the characteristics of love. I will paraphrase the teachings of my favourite writer of all time, Saint Paul. Love is patient. Patience with God is faith. Patience with others is love. Patience with yourself is hope. Love never gives up. Love believes all and receives all.  Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut and doesn’t have a swelled head. Love doesn’t force itself on others nor keep a score of the sins of others. It does not revel when others grovel. Love never dies and always looks for the best.

Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly and love extravagantly.


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