Born For This Cause

‘Is there no cause?’ I was reminded of these simple words from the mouth of young David before taking on the mighty Goliath. His elder brother had just accused him of being presumptuous and about to get on a military misadventure because of youthly passions. David was so sure he was ready for the biggest moment of his life – the reason why he was born in Israel at a time such as this. He understood purpose. The reward of purpose was far bigger than the risk. This was David’s place to shine, and shine he did!

Last week I began to share about the importance of purpose. Purpose is the unchallengeable reason why you were born in this world at such a time as this. It is revealed in the things which touch your heart and not just those which catch your eye. Purpose will take you through places, situations, people and circumstances which sometimes tax you to your very soul. However when you are clear about your purpose, you don’t lose sight of the end goal. Through the calm waters of progress and the turbulent waves of resistance, the ship of purpose will remain anchored in hope hooked to the cable of faith. Purpose is like a woman carrying a baby, you do not abort because you are getting tired.

There are times when the journey of purpose threatens to tear you apart and others when you cannot feel or see the evident sign posts of progress. But guess what, on the map of purpose you will be gaining ground. I want to speak to somebody today to let you know that you are moving forward – never mind the physical map – it’s just an illusion. If you are clear about your purpose, then you are on a journey of possibilities. I could share about one Joseph of ancient Israel who was sold as a slave, only to pitch up as the Prime Minister in a foreign land. His purpose was not to become a Prime Minister, nay; it was to come up with solutions during a famine in the land. His counsel to the king saved Egypt but importantly it saved the nation of Israel during a major famine. The point is that every purpose is fulfilled in responsibility. We read and write about Joseph and David today because their legacy created a heritage for us. History cannot leave them out. What about you?

Footprints in the Sands of History

Now that you are clear about purpose, what is it that you ought to be doing? You are in that company, church, family, country, industry for a cause. It would be tragic if the sands of history will not record your footprints of purpose. Your goal should be to have future generations marvelling at your footprints and seeing possibilities beyond what you could see. Never pass through a place and not leave your signature. It’s inconsistent with what God brought you into this world for. Your signature is the new things you create, the visible felt change you bring and the people you impart  and impact with your personality. A few weeks ago I felt some tears in my eyes when a brother I mentored over the years gave me a call and said “You are one of the people who made a huge deposit in my life and now I have just been appointed Country Director” I responded and said “Now I want to set you up for success”. The point I am making is that your life must be a tree of purpose from which others can harvest fruit, find shelter or climb to see possibilities on the horizon.

Time to Unpack You

In order to leave footprints in the sand of history, you need to unpack the package you are carrying. There is a song in you which only you can sign. There is book in you which only you can write. There is a business out there which only hears your voice. There is an industry out there waiting for you to place your naming rights. You are a creature of wonder wired  to dominate. If you are not on top of your game, you are operating below capacity. If you are not causing waves where you are, its time you started. You are a special package on a special assignment. As you gain revelation of what you are carrying you will be elevated right there where you are. No more delays no more denials – you have been pregnant with purpose for too long and it’s time to deliver. Today, I want to be the midwife to usher the dreams you are carrying and catapult your life into a new season.

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  1. This is wonderful! Once again I will quote you, put up an excerpt and send my readers to your poignant insights….As a personal brand expert, this is exactly the kind of content I’m looking for to impart to my clients.

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