Sharpen Your Sword

Sharpen Your Sword

I woke up with a stirring in my spirit this morning and want to open to you what’s on my heart. I want to share with you 3 key elements to meditate on for the rest of the year: SHARPEN YOUR SWORD, RAISE THE BAR and PUSH THE LIMITS.  I marvelled as I reflected on the wise words of King Solomon when he said; “If the axe is blunt, and the man does not sharpen the edge, he must put forth more strength, but wisdom helps him to succeed” The season ahead requires that you get the right tool set in place. It is a season to go beyond every encumbrance, barrier, and lift every caveat against your progress. But how are you gonna do that? Draw your sword out of your sheath and check if it’s sharp enough. Am I advocating for war? Yea, kind of. It’s time to contend for the promises of God on your life; defend your dreams with every fibre of your being and every pound of your energy. As the first half of the year draws to a close, it is a time for reflection and observing what has worked and not worked. Instead of looking at the politics and economics of the day, it’s time to look at your tool set and see if it can make you achieve what you want to achieve given the mix of dynamics life presents to you.

Your sword represents your instrument for action and also the strategies, methodologies and processes which you use. If you are using the wrong instrument, you will need to put in more and unnecessary effort. If your strategy, methods and process are wrong, you will not achieve any success. Hence the need for you to stand back, reflect and check if you are holding the right “sword” correctly and that it is sharp enough. Did you set targets at the start of the year which you have not achieved? Have you had a frustrating time trying to make progress? Do not despair, just go back to the drawing board, think and think and think again. You need to have a thinking session with yourself and come up with different methods and processes. It’s time to regroup the troops that might be in disarray and fight the good fight of faith to the sweet end! Take your notebook and pen and evaluate the methods you have been using to achieve your success. As you do that I declare to you that answers will start to come, and you will enter the second half of the year with clarity of mind, renewed energy.

Knowledge and progress are inseparable. You cannot grow beyond your current level of knowledge and skill.

Push The Limits

The sword represents a piercing and a cutting through and unravelling of new hidden layers. With a sharp sword, there are no ‘off limits’ for you. I write to those who have been in the same position for many years. The business has been at the same level for many years. You are living in the same neighbourhood you were born. You have never travelled beyond your city or country of birth. Your income levels never go beyond a certain threshold, if it does, compensating behaviours set in and you find yourself back to “usual level of comfort”. I join you in saying a big NO to every limit. There is more in you. Friend, you can break every limit and go forth into a season of new and strange manifestations. Time to change gears and go to a higher level.  It’s a season to set new boundaries. I want to challenge you to do small practical things – travel to a new place, aim to meet new people, create new networks, learn a new language, walk into the CEO’s office and have an intelligent conversation with him, just be unusual, work beyond the job description, break the 8-5pm trap, dress for the next job.  If you work on these quick wins consistently you will still be noticeable and notable. The season of being ignored and passed over is over. Sharpen your sword, and pierce every limitation and unravel the possibilities behind the veil of impossibility.

Raise The Bar

The sword is a sceptre of authority and symbol of strength. If your sword is sharp , you can become an authority and begin to get recognition in whatever you do. Demand of yourself more than you demand of others. As you push limits you set new standards of how things must be done. A sharp sword will give you alacrity in execution, sharpness and precision. Become the template of how things must be done. Set new standards of doing things. Exert yourself.  You can beyond good to better and then best, and then the highest level – best of the best. Look at your job, and think of ways to make it the best. Every uncomfortable or challenging situation is an open invitation to your greatness. I remember when I was in management consulting short while ago, I got work at client at a  mine in Rustenberg where no one really wanted to go and work – because of the type of assignment which was not so attractive and driving distance. I said to myself “I am going to turn this assignment into a bright shining star” Boy I worked so hard, turned the place upside down and did some exciting things there. I received some serious commendation and earned myself a tidy bonus in the process. My point is that I raised the bar, and did not allow mediocre circumstances to draw a mediocre response from me.  You might be a sweeper of floors, hewer of wood, a driver, housewife, a clerk, officer, an usher or doorman. Just do it and do it so well. Time would fail me if I wrote of one young David who could sing and sling with a zing that made him a king. Your current position is a launched pad into bigger things ahead, just raise the bar…sharpen the sword, push the limits.

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