Roots of Stability and Blossom

“So it (cedar tree) was beautiful in its greatness, in the length of its branches: for its roots extended to many waters” Ezekiel 31:7

I have been reflecting on the importance of roots. A tree cannot grow beyond its roots. The quality of fruit which a tree produces is a reflection of its roots. Stability of a tree is also a function of its root system. Your life is pretty much like a tree. In fact in the Bible a stable life is compared to “cedars of Lebanon”, and a blossoming life to “flourish like the palm tree”. In order for you to be established or anchored like the “cedars of Lebanon” you need to develop strong roots. Similarly for you are to flourish like the “palm tree” you need to develop deep roots. The major functions of roots can be summarised simply as absorption, storage, and anchorage.

A tree is a manifestation of roots. No amount of leaf dressing or branch surgery will cover for the lack of good roots. The growth and blossom of a tree will only be as healthy as its roots are strong and deep.

The Anatomy of Roots

Roots are not just some funny ‘things’ going into the ground. They have an awesome architecture. Oh, if we had time we would look at the anatomy of roots and their application to your life. A root is made up of 4 parts – the root cap, zone of division, zone of elongation and zone of maturation. The root cap is the tip of the root which burrows through hard ground and barriers in search of water and nutrients. The zone of division contains growth cells which give growth to the plant. In the zone of elongation cells expand, literally pushing the roots deeper into the soil and helping with plant growth. In the zone of maturation, cells differentiate and become root hairs which are easily recognisable. These root hairs increase the absorptive surface of the roots.

Coming back to your life I would like to specifically look at 2 key roots which you need to develop. Any tree that is disconnected from its roots will soon dry and die. It is your connectedness to your roots, which determines the dimensions and limits of your greatness.

The Taproot of Blossom – Spiritual Root

You are primarily a triune being made up of spirit, soul and body. In order to flourish in life you need to grow in all these 3 areas. The spirit is what is also referred to as the heart. The condition of your heart or spirit determines how successful you can be in life. Every individual has an affinity or desire for the Creator. There is  an emptiness in the human life which can only be satisfied when you reconnect with and stay connected to your Creator.  This spiritual root is the taproot of success, and the root hair for this root is the Word.  As this root taps into the Word, your flourish is assured. This root thrives in the soil of divinity and reproduces the divine in your life.

As you tap into the Word, your life will take the form of the Word. Your fruits will soon show. This is the key to great and lasting success. The root cap for this spiritual tap root is faith. This can cause you to break through every limitation and barrier. This taproot makes you search far and wide for possibilities. This is the source of inspiration (in –spirit-action) to do exploits and to innovate. This works and you can hang your life on it.  As you grow in your spiritual roots, you connect yourself to the infinite possibilities that are in your Creator. Everything has a spiritual root. Poverty, marriage and success are all spiritual. Therefore you cannot succeed at the physical level before you succeed at the spiritual level – which is the root of all success. If you have been busy trying to fix the leaves and branches of your life with no joy, maybe it’s time you went back to the roots.

But how do you develop this spiritual root? If you need more information about this please respond to this email with Spiritual Roots in subject line.

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