The Power of Investment

“Dad, thank you very much for teaching me, my teacher said ‘well done’ today!” This is what my son told me a few weeks ago after a day in school. What touched my heart is not that he acknowledged our parental effort. Nay. But the intensity and consistency of the process of learning we have gone through together.

After counsel from my mentor, I always aim to spend at least 30 minutes (daily) undivided attention teaching and playing with my children. This is not so easy given work demands and so many other commitments. However if I don’t make this investment now, I may not like what will come out of  the school report and will not be able to influence what my children will become in life. Most importantly the greatest legacy I can leave with my children is an investment of myself (values, personality, principles). From this simple lesson of investment, I would like to unpack key investment principles applicable in life.

Seedtime and Harvest Principle

This principle from the greatest book, governs all affairs of life. You are a product of seedtime through procreation. Your growth is the result of the seedtime of feeding. How you have turned out in terms of mental, spiritual, social and emotional maturity is also a result of the seedtime of what you have exposed yourself to. Harvest is the reflection or manifestation of the type, quality and quantity of seeds which you have sown. Seedtime is finite and harvest is infinite. The faithfulness of time tells the story of what you did during seedtime. There are some people who are still harvesting from the kind of seeds they planted 40 years ago.

The key lesson is that be careful of what kind of seeds you are sowing today. Your seeds represent your time, money, skills, talent and prayers. Make the most of these seeds today. Like a farmer, use your time with wisdom.  Never miss a moment to invest in your tomorrow. Whatsoever you sow, you shall surely reap – use this principle positively. It means for example if you sow prayers you will reap answers.

Invest In Your Talent Principle

I am a firm believer in the principle that you cannot be blessed beyond your area of gifting. You were born in this world as a special package on a special assignment. Your talent is that special package. In order for that talent to deliver on your special assignment, you need to invest in it so that you develop skills until you are greatly skilled in your talent. Many people sadly chase money and opportunities at the expense of what they have been called to do in this world. You can become so great in this world if you start investing 30 minutes every day on what you are really good at. My son is very artistic, visual and imaginative. He is just a six year old, but he can create world class power point presentations which tell a very artistic and polished story. I am investing in his talent.

Your profession, business or ministry is like your garden. We measure the success of your garden by the quality of seeds you sow in your garden. That seed is your talent. Do not be satisfied by just having a job – make a career out of it. You are not just in business – be world class while at it. You are not just a pastor – raise the bar and redefine the standards. You only can achieve this by reading, training, mentoring and coaching. I submit to a coach and mentor not because I have problems – but because I want them to help unlock my full potential. In less than 3 years I have worked in South Africa, I am now a nationally recognised thought leader in the areas of Organisation Development and Leadership Development. I am sharing this with you, because if it works for me it will work for you.

I want to encourage you today, to look at whatever you do as seedtime. This mindset will make you more purposeful and directed in your work, business or ministry. We want your ‘garden’ to be the benchmark and point of reference. There is more in you because you carry a special seed which no other carries.

One comment

  1. Another amazing sharing from you @LovemoreN ! You are gifted with wisdom from the Giver of Life. He has invested seeds of wisdom in you that will affect and influence many generations to come.
    I will join you in this endeavor . God bless your heart !


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