What Do You See?

If you asked me what I see in a peanut, I would tell you I see peanut butter, roasted nuts, in cakes and chocolate. Period. But not for one man called George Washington Carver. He discovered more than 300 uses of peanuts and got some patents in the process. This means he discovered uses that nobody else had discovered before! His inventiveness and deep faith in God is a true inspiration.

What struck me about George are not just the discoveries he made, but his background. He didn’t have an illustrious childhood. As an agricultural chemist, Carver discovered three hundred uses for peanuts and hundreds more uses for soya beans, pecans and sweet potatoes. He was born of slave parents on July 12, 1864 in Diamond Grove, Missouri  a sickly child at birth he would remain frail for most of his childhood. One night a band of raiders attacked his family and stole George and his mother. Days later, George was found unharmed by neighbours and was traded back to his owners in exchange for a race horse. Because of his frailty, George was not suited for work in the fields BUT he did possess a great interest in plants and was eager to learn more about them. What did he see?

Everything Is Good

Asked how he could come up with 300 uses for the peanut George said, “I asked, God you made every seed bearing plant, and you said they were good. What did you make the peanut for?” There are so many possibilities and opportunities around you, but what do you see?

I have shared with you before about my revelation of a type of intelligence which is higher than IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence). This intelligence is called Value Intelligence. It is the ability to see opportunity and possibilities beyond the obvious. It is the sense which says “this is not all – there is more to this” It is powered by a spirit which can create something out of nothing. Look at your job, business, ministry, marriage, relationship, friends, salary, and children as something good. As you do that you will be amazed by what you can get out of it. Every piece of creation is a mystery waiting to be unravelled. There is more in God, in you and in others. What do you see?

Change Your World

We are called to be reformers! George Washington Carver used his mind to deliver himself from slavery. Born a slave, sold as a slave, brought up as a slave and even enslaved by sickness and the colour of his skin, George did not let that limit him. He used his gift to unshackle every bondage and slavitude. I don’t know what is enslaving you today – sickness, poverty, finances, job, business or marriage? Start to look at what you have in your hand – such as you have. Like George there is a BUT about you…

Have you ever looked at your talent or gift as a seed? My grandmother used to tell me that every child is born with a clenched fist. She told me that this means that we are not born into this world empty. In that cute little fist is a special package you carry into this world. Whether you deliver that package or not is not up to anybody but you. In that package is the means with which you can change the world around you. I want you to rewind to the day you were born. What was in your cute little fist? Have you delivered it yet? That fist can knock out every limitation, hammer every resistance and hook your opportunities. On checking out of this world the fist must become an open hand symbolising you have delivered. What can you see?

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