Embracing The Kingly Spirit 3

Spirit of Wisdom

We established in the previous two articles in this series that if we are to make an impact in this life we need to embrace the Spirits of Leadership, Dominion, Might and Entreprise. This is a manifestation of the characteristic identity, attitudes and behaviour found in kings. But why the link to kings? It is because every one of us has been sent into this world to be a principality or king of a particular dominion. This kingdom or principality could be your profession, business, ministry, family. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all have a field over which we must exercise dominion, leadership, entreprise and might. The spirit of wisdom will help you excel in that field. It is the most effective way to accomplish a task, the least stressful way to get results and the most cost effective way to securing solutions.

The Source of Wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge and understanding in an intelligent way. Without knowledge, you cannot operate in wisdom. It comes from the insightful search for possibilities and answers beyond the obvious. It is not common sense. You need to have an insatiable hunger for knowledge, an inquisitive mind, curious spirit and adventurous mentality. You develop wisdom by looking for hidden treasure like a relic hunter and not the cursory search of a casual tourist. Wisdom unravels underlying possibilities and unleashes resourcefulness.

The spirit of wisdom is the attitude which says “There must be a way… this is not all” Wisdom leads to revelation and revelation brings a revolution. The spirit of wisdom is the spark that will trigger a revolution in your life. If you want my personal recommendation for the best resource on wisdom, I will recommend the Creators manual any day. It will give you wisdom for finances, marriage, work, business, relationships, leadership and more.

Wisdom Creates

The Creator by wisdom created the earth. The wisdom behind creation is so sound that while the earth is rotating you never see people turning around and neither for once does the earth rotate out of orbit. This same capacity is in every one of you. You can use the spirit of wisdom to make creations that are mind blowing. Your life might be empty; out of shape and chaotic but using wisdom you can bring things into line. The forces of creativity reside in wisdom. It is the spirit of wisdom that created aeroplanes, cell phones, light. According to common sense, it is not possible for a mass of metal to float in the air let alone fly. However, wisdom created conditions for metal to fly, and today we have aeroplanes. The spirit of wisdom creates new paradigms and stretches limits.

Studies have shown that human beings use less than 10% of their brains at any point. The other 90% is just idle. What this means is that if you were to ramp up your brain utilisation by just 5% more, it would result in a quantum leap in your results. It is at this point that you need to unleash the spirit of wisdom so that you can tune into the creative wave length.

Wisdom Delivers

If there is a ticket out of any and every challenge you are facing in your life, it is the spirit of wisdom. There are no marriage, financial, health or failure problems. There are wisdom problems. You do not need to go and borrow money to solve your financial problems. You need to start applying wisdom to the situations in your life. I had a meeting with my mentor earlier today. We were focusing on the issue of parenting. He began to tell me about the fact that I need to spend quality time with my children. Quality time simply means if its 30 minutes when I get home, I give them undivided attention, let them jump all over me and join them in their games. For me the wisdom in his counsel was that it’s not how much time I spend with my children, but what do in the time I spend with them. This wisdom will help me invest my time better in my children and establish myself as their most important example. Raising children is more than paying the bills, it is participating in their growth and development. If I don’t apply the wisdom of participating in their development now, I will pay for it later when they start behaving “strange”. This knowledge is liberating.

Wisdom is about doing small things which make a big difference. The grass which bends when the tsunami comes is not uprooted, yet the giant oak tree is uprooted because it has not learnt the wisdom of bending. If there is an area in your life giving you challenges, just activate the spirit of wisdom and experience change. Wisdom is the key which will help you take the right actions, make the right choices and make the right decisions to get you to your destiny.

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