Embracing The Kingly Spirit 2

Within each person is a fountain of hope, an ocean of possibility, a spring of creativity and a stream of entreprise – Lovemore Nyatsine

Spirit of Leadership

Leadership is not a position, but responsibility. Leadership is about going from here to there. It is about changing the state and status not only of yourself but the people around you. Martin Luther King changed the state and status of blacks in America, from the ghetto “projects” to the White House. Muhammad Yunus has changed the state and status of rural Bangladeshi women through the Grameen Bank, which he started by lending US27.00 from his own pocket and to date has lend over USD7.5 billion. Moses changed the state and status of the children of Israel from slaves to landowners of Canaan real estate. True leadership is an invitation to greatness that we extend to others. The seeds of leadership thrive in the soil of responsibility. You must aim to be the best in your chosen field.

There are two critical dimensions of leadership. The first dimension is that every individual has the leadership spirit. This is the inherent capacity and potential to manage, lead and dominate. This capacity is hidden under social and ideological paradigms which discourage or restrict its operation. The social and ideological concept of leadership is that it is for the chosen few. This is the reason why the leadership spirit in most people is not fully manifest. The second dimension is the spirit of leadership, which is a mind set or attitude that follows a true leadership spirit and causes the latent leadership potential to be fully realised. It is a yearning and deep desire to make a difference to mankind. This spirit of leadership is activated by responding to needs and being a champion of causes that changes people’s lives. The legacy of kings is not measured by how long they lived, but what changes they brought to the state and status of their people. You can exercise the spirit of leadership in your life by positively changing the state and status of your profession, industry, family, community, business or nation. The need of others is the soil in which the spirit of your leadership can thrive. You can arise as the Luther, Moses or Yunus of our day.

Spirit of Entreprise

The greatest kings who ever lived are known to have created some of the most flourishing enterprises. The hanging gardens of Babylon built by Nebuchadnezzar, the roaring trade system by King Solomon, the great Munhumutapa Empire come to mind. Entreprise makes you a person of substance and means. If you are loaded it amplifies your voice. Bill Gates’ greatest accomplishment is not Microsoft, but his voice on matters of HIV/AIDS, TB and medical research. His voice is backed by the tens of billions he has committed to these global causes. He has written an indelible piece of history for himself.
The world today is crying for entrepreneurs. There are enough employees, so much that many employable people are staying at home. Yet there are so many opportunities waiting, every single person would have something to do. Our schools, colleges and varsities are mass producing employable and in some cases unemployable graduates. Education taught us how to make a good CV and a job winning application letter but never how to make a business plan and a winning business proposal.

The capacity to create, develop, birth or build is inherently linked to our survival and thriving instincts. The extent to which one can succeed is entirely dependent upon how much of these instincts one is willing to use. It is also fair to say it explains the difference between those who barely survive and those who thrive – how much of the spirit of entreprise have you stirred. Entreprise comes down to two things: who you are and how you think. You need to see yourself as born entrepreneur, and then have the mindset of entreprise.

An entreprise spirit is what every human being gets when they are born. We all can perform an entreprise – work. With just the entreprise spirit, you are like a car with no petrol. What good is a car if it cannot be driven? The spirit of entreprise is the X factor you need to accomplish extraordinary exploits. In other words you need to add attitude to the aptitude to tap into the wellspring of entreprise. The entreprise spirit is the hardware and the spirit of entreprise is the software. The spirit of entreprise manifests through creativity. Creativity is a breakthrough in expression achieved by leaps of imagination. It is the combining of ideas which were previously thought to be unrelated. It is your ability to combine ideas in a unique way or to make useful associations among ideas. Break out of self-imposed limitations. Look for wider solutions, and think beyond the square. Think sideways and explore the least likely directions. Unleash the spirit of entreprise and see your leadership currency rise. The Spirit of Entreprise is triggered by the Spirit of Wisdom and Knowledge.

We will wrap up this series with the Spirit of Wisdom and Knowledge in the next article

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