Embracing The Kingly Spirit 1

Success is a birth right of each and everyone one us. You are created to manifest the glory, virtues, graces and excellencies of your Creator. Like begats like. If you hail from God, then you must of necessity show a likeness to Him. You are essentially made up of 3 parts or triune – spirit, soul and body. The spirit aspect is your core and what gives life to you and your dreams. It is what is sometimes referred to as the heart. The soul or mind is the reasoning faculty and centre of your decision making processes. It processes stuff based on direction from the spirit/heart. The body is the house to both soul and spirit. In order to experience a maximised life, you must exercise these three elements.

If you were a computer, your body would be the shell, the spirit would the operating system and the soul would be the applications running on your system. I want to focus on the spirit aspect, because like a computer without Windows XP or MAC O/S no other application can run. I have observed that kings seem to exhibit a certain operating system or spirit. They have a characteristic identity, attitude, behaviour, demeanour, aura and presence. This is the result of the kingly spirit they have been taught in their palace. If you embrace this kingly spirit , you will experience king size success.

Spirit of Dominion

Kings are created to have dominion. They have a mentality of conquest. The reasons why kings would go to war would be to defend or expand their territory. The concept of national sovereignty in the contemporary world has to do with dominion. At a personal level, the spirit of dominion should manifest in your chosen field, discipline, career, business or ministry. You must look at your area of life as a kingdom in which you must reign. This mentality will catapult you to the highest level of excellence and earn you recognition. If you have the spirit of dominion, you will defend your ‘space’ against terrorists of failure and bandits of discouragement. You will take your career, business or ministry beyond boundaries of familiarity. You must become a principality and authority in your chosen domain. The spirit of dominion will cause you to multiply your influence and impact to the greatest extent. It will give you naming rights to your field, industry or vocation. You become the benchmark and example of success. Dominion comes from investing in your skills or gift and not being afraid to have a point of view.

I do not share some theories which I have read in some book somewhere – I share my life and experience. I have been living in South Africa for the last 3 years. I set myself a goal to be a recognised authority in my field. I achieved this goal within 2 years when I became a regular columnist for the premier Black Business Quarterly (BBQ) magazine and did commentary for IT Web. I have been on national radio SAFM, Business Day, Sowetan, News24. I did not lobby or solicit to get involved in these fora, I was invited. Neither do I know anybody in these institutions, they come looking for me. I am not being braggadocios, I just want you to know that , it doesn’t matter whether you went to a mission school like me, or you are in country at war with itself – you can still be impactful.
It doesn’t matter whether you are in foreign land or people have confined you in a box called a job description, the spirit of dominion will cause you to flourish in any environment. We want to “google” your name and bring back search results beyond Facebook and social networks.

Spirit of Mighty

Kings have an aura of being invincible, indomitable, and indestructible. Might is the highest level of force. It is an overpowering or overwhelming force or strength. Iraq had a powerful army, but they could not stand the mighty of the American armies. Mighty is the ability to overcome any powerful circumstances or challenges in your life. God is called Almighty, because, He can overcome any and every power. If you operate in the spirit of mighty, you will learn to overcome any barrier or limitation in your life. You operate in mighty when you do not allow anything to stand in the way of your goals. If you are a believer then your confidence comes from the consciousness of knowing that you have the mighty of God’s arsenal at your disposal. The road to a kingly status in your life does not come on a platter. You must contend for it..

This article continues next week…when we look at Spirit of Leadership, Wisdom and Entreprise

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