The Forces of Success

The beginning of the year is always full of resolutions, goals and plans. The big question is not whether one has set goals, resolutions or plans but whether one has put in place pillars, drivers or enablers for the goals. Without a force to support your goals, they will soon fizzle out before midday year. I would like to share the forces of successes. These are applicable to every resolution, plan or goal. Like a placenta these enablers protect and nurture the dreams, aspirations and hopes you are carrying until delivery. These forces will catapult you to success.

Force of Purpose

Purpose is the reason why you were born in this world. Purpose creates a special assignment for your life. Your goals thrive in the soil of purpose. A cactus plant will not do well in swampy areas because it is not wired for the environment. If your goals are not running on the track on purpose, they might soon derail. Purpose is the guide and guard which directs and protects your goals to your destination. You identify your purpose by looking at your SHAPE – Special/Spiritual Gifts (talent), Heart (what you are passionate about), Ability (what you are good at), Personality (who you are) and Experience (what you have been through).
Purpose is the highest level of planning because it’s linked to the day you were created. No wonder why King Solomon said that many are the plans in man’s heart but the purpose of the Lord prevails. This means purpose is more important than plans or goals. To get your goals on track put them on the track of purpose.

Force of Vision

Vision is the picture of tomorrow and an expression of your purpose. The Bible says that where there is no vision the people are unrestrained. Vision gives discipline to goals. It chooses your priorities and determines the use of your energy and time.

Force of Passion

A leader will not win unless they pour their heart and soul into their dream. I believe that passion is the oil that lubricates the wheels of your goals. Without passion the going can be really creaky resulting in burn out and stress. Passion is what gives you deep commitment to your goals. It’s the fire that creates a yearning and craving in your heart for what you are pursuing. When linked to your purpose it even creates a sense of obligation and sense of destiny. Passion is the voice that says yes in the midst of ‘no voices’. The source of passion is your heart or spirit. This is the seat of action – “in-spirit-action” (inspiration). When the well of inspiration dries up your goals stop in the track.

Force of Personal Mastery

Each year we all get a suitcase as big as 365 days. However some seem to carry more in this suitcase than others. Why? They know what and how to pack. Personal Mastery is managing the conflicts you face many times each day between expectations, consequences and choices. This is a higher level than time management. Time management is an outcome of good personal mastery. If you master your appetites, desires and passions very soon you will pack more in your ‘suitcase’. Many goals die because we lack the discipline and the will power to protect them. The force of personal mastery forces you into the direction of your goals and resolutions. Personal Mastery is the manifestation of the highest form of government which is self government. If you can govern yourself then you are ready to rule the world.

As you can see these forces work best when combined. Purpose gives you a sense of destiny and meaning. Vision is the picture of purpose. Passion is the fuel that fires you goals towards achievement of your purpose. Personal Mastery is the way you navigate your success craft through the stormy waters of challenge and the calm waters of progress.

To your inexplicable advancement!

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