Renewing Your Success Operating System

Freezing screens, slow progress, system error…does that sound familiar? At some point you have had a frustrating time with your computer or cell phone. Rather than wait forever you had to switch it off or press the reset button and allow it to start all over again. Too many programs and processes all going at once in 2009 might have made you feel fatigued and slowed down your progress.  Think of your body and brain as hardware and thoughts (cognitions) and mental pictures (imagery) as software. When your hardware and software work in synchronicity the result is a goal-seeking biocomputer. Your biocomputer needs constant renewal. This is the time to close down 2009 and restart 2010 with new vigour and speed.

Delete, Deprogram and Debug The Past

When a computer slows down or freezes you need to identify bugs and programs which slow it down. As you visit different websites, receive different files your computer gets infected or affected by bad programs and viruses causing it to malfunction or slow down. Deleting or debugging these relieves your computer of malignant encumbrances and sets it up for better performance.

During the year you have engaged in different activities and encountered different people. In the process you may have picked up failure bugs and negative viruses, which are now causing you to be disenchanted with life. It’s time to delete all these. This is an invitation to soar in 2010 in complete freedom away from the mental constructs born from the dead wood of your past which takes away the freshness of the present moment. This is a time to forget what lies behind and press on towards what lies ahead. Deleting the 2009 encumbrances will set you up for peak performance in 2010.

Reformat Your Mental Architecture

I had the misfortune of getting my computer infected by the Trojan virus. This is kind of computer ‘worm’ which rides on computer programs and behaves like normal programs so is difficult to detect. Our IT support tried all the anti viruses on the market but failed to remove it, until they decided to format my hard drive. This meant deleting everything on my computer and reloading a new Windows operating system and all the other programs. My computer performance improved dramatically.

Your success might have been affected by your actions which on the surface look ok, but have a sting in their tail. This could be success limiting behaviours, poor self concept, negative attitude, bad associations or lack of perseverance. After deleting, deprogramming and debugging these you need to replace them with the right mental architecture which guarantees success.

Develop A New Success Operating System

Once you have deleted and reformatted your mental architecture, you need to load the right software to get yourself performing again. Your Self Concept is the master programme of your life’s operating system.  All the activities, programs and processes of your life run on this operating system. Once this operating system is infected or affected, you will not experience great success.  You always perform on the outside based on what you think inside. Challenge all your self limiting beliefs. Self concept is made up of Self Ideal, Self Image and Self Esteem.  Self Ideal – goals, values, ideals, hopes dreams and vision – successful people are very clear in terms what they can be in life. Unsuccessful people are fuzzy about their ideals. Self Image – the way you see and think about yourself. It is your inner mirror which you look into before you perform. Self Esteem – how much you like yourself. It is the centre of your personality and determines level of energy and activates your dreams. It leads to self efficacy – you get better at what you do! I like myself…I am good at what I do…I am an absolute professional…I have a sound mind. A high level of self esteem increases your resilience and creates a virtuous cycle…you become successful, people like you and it feeds into your self esteem.

Upgrade Your Capacity

A computer cannot operate beyond its memory capacity and processor speed. The performance of a computer is a function of its operating system, memory and processor. A computer with an 80 Gigabyte HDD (hard drive), cannot run with a Celeron 60 Megahertz (MHz) processor on a Windows 95 operating system. It will crush or fail to boot at all. Computers which do not receive the latest software versions and updates limit their capacity to perform.

You cannot succeed beyond your capacity to create and handle the success or you will engage in compensatory behaviours. For example if your capacity is USD1000, and you get USD2000, you will blow USD1000 on trinkets and trivia and get back to your senses when the bank account reads USD1000. You blow the USD1000 to compensate for the lack of capacity you have to handle beyond your comfort zone or financial thermostat goes off. Your success thermostat must have a high threshold so that you do not become a victim of success, but use your success to change your world. You will also not experience burnout in the pursuit of success. In order to improve your capacity you need to increase your knowledge and skill set. Those with little knowledge work the hardest, longest and in the worst of conditions. We live in a knowledge based society. The highest paid and most influential are those who know more. To stay relevant and notable your knowledge must stay current.

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