Developing Your Personality For Success

Freedom is man’s capacity to take a hand in his own development. It is our capacity to mold ourselves – Rollo May

I just had a chat with a young consultant who is very ambitious, focused and working on his self development. He approached me to get my insights on how he can use emotional intelligence principles to develop into a great person. I don’t mean great as in being a likeable person, but great as in being a person of influence, stature, impact and presence. As we discussed something really struck me in the conversation. He did not want to become a “great consultant” but a ‘great person’. This is deep. It resonates with my philosophy of success being ‘investment in your person and personality’. You need to build a personality architecture that generates success.

Many people become so career, ministry or business driven, they forget to develop as a person. Yet how well you do as in these areas is a function of how much investment you have made in your personality. Your life is like a seed; the extent to which it can be fruitful and multiply depends on the level of investment you put into it.  You must cultivate your gifts and abilities, grow your character and personality, and broaden your experiences in order to make an impact. If you are good you can be better, and with time you can become a master in your career, calling or business just by investing in your personality.

Build Your Capabilities

In a number of organisations which I consult for, I use the capability maturity model (CMM) to assess the ability of an organisation to be successful. Using this model I hypothesize that an organisation’s success is a result of the maturity of its capabilities (best practices, processes, systems, characteristics and attributes). It is based on the premise that an organisation cannot perform beyond the maturity of its processes and systems. We could apply the same hypothesis to your life: you cannot succeed beyond your capabilities (skills, talent, methods, processes and personality). This is why I would like to implore you to make an investment in your capabilities.

In my discussion with the young consultant, I began to share with him that he need not just look at his emotional intelligence (EQ), but also natural intelligence/talent (IQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ). These three intelligences help in building the maturity of your personal capability. As these capabilities mature, so does your person and personality and your value, impact and influence too. Enroll on a course, research, read or browse, apply your skills, seek a coach or mentor and improve the way you do things.

Build Your Processes

A mango tree will not produce fruit beyond its maturity. If a mango tree tries to produce fruit too early, the fruit will be sub standard. A mango tree which has not fully matured cannot produce in terms of quality and quantity. It takes a full season for fruit to mature and ripen. I remember when we were growing up we would take green mangos and put them in plastic to ripen them. We were not following the natural process order. When you ripen fruit quickly, it loses its flavour and it cannot compare with fruit that matures on the tree.

What does this mean for you? It is not about how fast you grow but how strong you grow. Our obsession with speed is counterproductive if it comes at the expense of strength and stability. Progress must be balanced with due process. We should not judge the success of someone by how much they have achieved, but the quality of the process they have followed. Achievements can be short-lived, but process lasts. If there is something that can set you apart from everyone else it’s the ability to follow your own due process. This gives you uniqueness and reinforces your own personal brand.

Invest In Your Personal Brand

As you invest in your SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts (talent), Heart (your passion), Abilities, Personality and Experiences), it accentuates your personal brand and builds your personal brand equity. The things you will produce are path dependant (they are trail blazing) and have causal ambiguity (hence cannot be imitated). No mango tree can produce the same fruit taste as another unless it has been genetically cloned. You are a unique individual and as you invest in your person and personality you compound your value and influence and earn the right to deliver your special assignment in this world.


  1. Dear Lovemore,

    Thank you a great article. You hit at something in the title and introduction that I wish you had developed further: on personality.

    I think of it as character. I suppose the two are the same. I would like to add that character/personality is the underlying principle of success.

    Of the capabilities that you listed (skills, talent, methods, processes and personality), I feel that personality must be put in bold, or identified as the key denominator.

    I guess what I would have liked you to address more here is: how do you develop personality; what measures do you use; how do you make sure that its authentic.

    Having said that, I was thoroughly inspired by your article, and thank you for touching on a subject that I think is the most important of all to being a success.

  2. I read it and i think that u are the mouth full of truth…I need so advices to invest in my abilities, cause a bad influences in my personality is that i am a lazy person…please i need more advices about it


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