Lessons From Springtime

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven… time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted – King Solomon

This week I have been reflecting on the seasons of life. I was drawn to the wisdom of King Solomon and began to think of how time touches our homes, hearts and our hope. Each moment we experience the different seasons of life, we are driven deeper into the soil of destiny and closer to our purpose. The key is in identifying the outlines of the season we go through in life and picking up the lessons. Like a tree which goes through summer, autumn, winter and spring, your life indeed goes through the same seasons. The world has just been through a long winter of recession and financial crisis. It has been tough on a lot of people. People have lost jobs, homes, cars, health and so many others things. But the seasons have changed again.

Spring time has come. Let me make my point here and now – amid the disappearing clouds of winter, spring time has brought the fresh air of opportunity.  From the blossoming jacarandas lining up the streets of Harare, the bougainvilleas blooming in humid Lagos, the flame lilies of Honde Valley, to  the  proteas of the Drakensburg Mountains it rings  with the faithfulness of the Creator – nature fulfils its promises. How about you? Even after winter you can still blossom too.

Season of Opportunity

Springtime is a season of great opportunity and promise. It’s not a time to ponder about the failures of last season or the great tribulations of the past winter. It is a time to look forward to the rains which will soon fall on your seed. Therefore what do you have in your hand?  You need to lay your seed in the ground now and wait for the summer rains to water your opportunity. The wise amongst us are no longer talking about recession and economic difficult, they are busy looking for opportunity, creating opportunities, seeking alliances and positioning for an upturn.

Spring is sharp and short…very soon it will be over and the opportunity will be gone. Don’t let the aroma and dazzling beauty of springtime blossom lure you into slumber. Only those who are sowing seeds of promise now will smile when the summer clouds start to gather. If you don’t know what you are supposed to be doing in your life, let alone in this season please seek help. With the seed of purpose in your hand, the vision of a harvest in your heart, the faith and hope of fruitfulness in your spirit, it’s time to get into action.

Season of Faith

The essence of springtime is faith disguised as human effort. Much of the effort and opportunity of springtime rests in the depth and degree of our faith. It takes great faith for a farmer to prepare the ground and sow seed in springtime. Faith further provides to us an irrevocable law decreed in heaven which assures that for every disciplined human effort we will receive a multiple reward… for each cup planted, a bushel reaped. It is the promise of spring that as we sow, so shall we also reap. Sow greed, reap poverty; sow inactivity, reap an empty storehouse. A kernel of maize produces after its own kind. A seed of doubt, or fear, or distrust placed in the mind also produces after its own kind. As certainly as the soil gives back like unto that which we place into it, so also does the mind of man give back in human circumstance that which we place into it by our choice of human thought. You need faith to change the circumstances of your life. Like a farmer we need to learn the art of finding the miraculous hidden in the common – you just plant a bag, and you reap silos of harvest. But it takes faith… The fertilizer of faith will overcome every weed of doubt and every bug of discouragement.

The spring is a time for the creation of things of value, and those things require the season of summer for growing. For now you need to be creating by planting your seed. Do I have a seed? Yes you do….such as you have! Your seed is that talent, skills, personality, prayer, idea, concept, dream or thought. You can do something. The pain of discipline weighs ounces, and the pain of regret weighs tons.

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