It’s Never Too Late

Its never too late to be what you might have been – George Elliot

Last week Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge, the man declared as the world’s oldest pupil passed on to glory. He made the world headlines a few years ago when he decided to go to primary school aged 85 years. As the BBC’s Will Ross in Nairobi said the 90-year old pupil gave new meaning to the phrase, “It’s never too late”, so Mkoma Roland dared me to do an article on this and I obliged.

How many times do you give up because you think it’s too late? What dreams die because you think you have missed the time?  The Creator in His great wisdom has made times and seasons for a purpose. His time (kairos) is different from the natural time (chronos). His time is in eternity and He has set eternity in your heart, so you can live your life in eternal bliss and infinite possibility. If you catch this greater truth you will never again let the seemingly missed opportunities of the past and the failures of yesterday rob you of the opportunities in the present and the future.

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

If you feel you are too old to do something, I have some good news for you – age ain’t nothing but just a number. If an 85 year old can go to primary school, surely you can at least read something for your development. By the way Kimani had set his sights on getting a Veterinary diploma even though he had just started primary school. But, hey its not just about education. It could be a project, a business, a book, a house…or any dream you have always wanted to do. You can get married and have a family. The biological clock is a mirage giving an appearance of ‘lateness’ and hopelessness. It’s never too late.

I could talk about one Caleb of ancient Israel who after 45 years in the wilderness (he was 40 years when the Exodus started), at 85 he asked for a mountain. The frustration, defeats, battles, wandering or time in the wilderness did not dim his faith and vision. What is the secret of holding on to your dreams even at 85 years? You need to be a person of conviction and principles. Conviction is anchored by hope, and principles are driven by faith. Hope is the belief in a possibility, and faith is the mental outline or image of that possibility. Without faith in the future, you lack power in the present.  Are you convinced that this world must change because you were born for such a time as this? Are you convinced you can make a difference? Awaken your dreams today, defy your physical/social condition and attempt that which you think you could not do before. It’s never too late.

I have some good news for the young too – it’s never to early – Caleb believed when he was still a young man that he would get to the Promised Land, and he held on to those convictions for 45 years!

It’s Never Too Late to Make Peace

Kimani lost all his belongings during the Kenya post election violence in 2007. At 88 years he could have chosen to be so bitter and never forgiven those who had destroyed the only property he had amassed over his 88 years. He was interviewed and explained that he had forgiven those who had destroyed his home and taken his belongings. He made peace with fellow man. Secondly he had recently made peace with his Creator, when he turned to organised religion and got baptised. It’s never too late to make peace with yourself, fellow man and with your Creator. You rob yourself of clear vision and encumber your journey with baggage by failing to forgive yourself and others. It’s never too late. You can make a brand new start just-as-if you had done nothing wrong. Without releasing the past, you rob the future of power.

Don’t Give Up Too Easily

There was a man who once discovered a rock claim that he thought might contain gold. He spent thousands of dollars driving a long tunnel into the rock, but after one and a half years he had still not found gold. Discouraged, he gave up and sold the mining claim. The next company bored 90 cm more and struck the gold vein. The Wright Brothers only added movable flaps to the edge of aeroplane wings and they are credited with inventing a plane.  Alexander Graham Bell,  turned a simple screw, one quarter of a turn, to transform the interrupted current into continuous current capable of reproducing human speech and today we have the telephone, but Reis had done all the difficult work.

People fail in life because they think they have spent too much time already! Don’t give up. We might be in August and things are not getting better for you. Hold on. Fight the good fight of faith – your breaking point is your break through moment. It’s never too late, and the Creator is always on time (kairos).

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