Conquering Your Fears

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance – Frank D Roosevelt

“This is the captain. We have started our descent for Richards Bay airport. However there are very strong winds on the ground, the runway is short…the runway lights are not working today and unfortunately this type of plane does not have precision landing equipment, but we will try and see if we can land” After these words there was a great silence on the plane as I was on a flight to a client site this week. One word explains the reaction – FEAR gripped the hearts of the passengers (me included). For a moment I thought of my young family. As I processed all sort of thoughts in my mind, I remembered how I had overcome the fear of flying more than 10 years ago. Flying was a nerve wrecking experience for me for some time until I decided to deal with it. Those lessons helped on that day and are applicable to overcoming fear in general.

Fear is not good because it creates a negative energy or force field. Fear serves as a counter-intention to all of your positive intentions. This affects the way you think or coordinate your activities. It is paralyzing and is the reason why most people fail to succeed in life. It is for that reason why fear must be conquered. How can it be conquered?

Face Your Fears

In moments of fear, I have seen people closing their eyes. Now that’s a temporary way of dealing with fear. The moment you open your eyes, the thing you fear will still be in your face. My day of facing my fears of flying was 10 years ago. Before the flight I asked the cabin crew that I wanted to go into the cockpit and see what happens there once we get into full flight. Once airborne I was led to the cockpit where the captain explained to me what happens in there and all the takeoff and landing procedures. They were so relaxed in the cockpit and even having drinks! That day I conquered my fear of flying.

You might not have a fear of flying. Your fear might be of financial, medical, social, professional, business or spiritual problem. Some people don’t look at their ATM receipt after withdrawing money because the bank balance ‘scares’ them. We could share of so many examples. However you need to go into the ‘cockpit’ of your fear, and leave your fear demons in that cockpit. The captain in that ‘cockpit’ might be a counselor, mentor, pastor, friend, doctor, sister or brother who could help you deal with your fears. Fear melts when you face it head on. When you fail to face up to it, the fear grows and grows. Fear is really nothing but an illusion, but your thoughts make it seem real.

Change Your Focus

Fear is like an attention seeking child, if you pay too much attention to it, it will get out of hand. One way I dealt with my fear of flying years ago was to get a nice book to read, or do work on my laptop. Sometimes I would start a conversation with a fellow passenger just to get distracted. This way, I would get lost in my little world and give fear no chance. I also have an intention to enroll into flying school at some point in the near future. I read a lot about flying and it’s now a hobby. I have conquered my fears.

There are practical ways to remove your focus from your fears. Instead of focusing on a medical condition, or the condition of your bank balance, you can focus on ways to get out of that condition. I have an uncle who 2 years ago was diagnosed with diabetes. Instead, of focusing on what foods he could no longer eat, and a worst case scenario, he focused his attention on how to overcome the condition. He changed his lifestyle and researched on natural methods to overcome this condition. Within a year, he went back to the doctor, who could not detect diabetes anymore.

Instead of writing an obituary about your health, business, finances or relationship change your focus. You could start an association or develop expertise around helping people get out debt, deal with a bad relationship, turn around a business etc.

You need to look at fear in the face once and show it the way out of your life. As fear goes through the window faith comes through the door. The law of polarity states that nothing can exist without its opposite. Fear is faith turned inside out. Pray up your faith, play down your fears.

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  1. Great post! I’m still afraid of flying but am determined to overcome it this year. Your idea about visiting the cockpit is excellent, and I plan to try it.

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