Tapping Into The Great Within

Within each person is a fountain of hope, an ocean of possibility, a spring of creativity and a stream of entreprise – Lovemore Nyatsine founder of Seedbed Consulting

I want to have a conversation with you today; to provoke and awaken your dreams. I want to take a walk with you to some place. This place is called the great within. It is a place that presents a strange and deep yearning within your heart, an ache for something beyond, the yearning of a yearning. You were not born empty – you are a complete package awaiting delivery. The Creator has placed inside of you a sense that this is not all. It is that search for significance, meaning and worth that drives people from Timbuktu to Kingdom come. King Solomon in his great wisdom saw this and said “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in their hearts...” This greatness needs to be awakened from within your depths.

Society has made you book bound and externally dependent you can’t hear the great within anymore. Laws, paradigms, ideologies, concepts, systems and principles have robbed you of the right to be yourself. We want to change that. I want to unpack 3 key elements of the great within. Working together, these elements will direct and transform your life. They are:


A dream is an aspiration you hold for your life. It is a picture of possibility and a preview of the future. A dream is what the eye of faith has seen in the land of hope ahead. Dreams are the bridge between impossible and possible. Dreams come from the ocean of possibility inside of you. The principal function of a dream is to enter the boundless and awaken the great within. As you dream, armies of execution go on a high alert ready to execute. It brings energy and focus to your actions.

I know we talk of dream cars, houses, jobs, wife, and husbands. It’s all good, but I want us to engage in a bigger conversation. The most profound dreams are those that are the expression of your life’s purpose. I want to challenge you to go beyond consumptive dreams into productive dreams. Dreams that will touch generations. Without a dream everything is reality. With a dream the circumstances of your life are subject to change.


The best vision is insight – Malcolm Forbes

Insight is an understanding of issues beyond the ordinary. It is a sight or view of the interior of something; a deep inspection or view. Insight is the power of acute observation and deduction; penetration, discernment and perception. It is a breakthrough in understanding, received from superior understanding of issues. It’s not enough to know issues, you need to have your own point of view on the knowledge you acquire. This is what will give you an edge in life.  As billionaire Li Ka Shing said “We are approaching a new age of synthesis. Knowledge cannot be merely a degree or a skill… it demands a broader vision, capabilities in critical thinking and logical deduction without which we cannot have constructive progress” I will add to this that knowledge without insight is sterile.

Insight is the ability see what no one can see, because it comes from the great within…‘in-sight’. Respect your intuition, your hunches and your instincts. Listen to them – they are the culmination of a lifetime of study and fact-finding. When you have insight on issues you dissolve doubts and explain hard sentences. With insight your value add is extending the existing body of knowledge and creating new knowledge bundles in your profession, industry, business or field.


Creativity is a breakthrough in expression achieved by leaps of imagination. It is the combining of ideas which were previously thought to be unrelated. It is your ability to combine ideas in a unique way or to make useful associations among ideas. Break out of self-imposed limitations. Look for wider solutions,   and think beyond the square. Think sideways; explore the least likely directions; abandon step-by-step approach and thinking ‘to one side’ and master the ‘lateral thinking’ approach. Refuse to be an experienced superintendent of old ideas, systems, rules or ideologies. Tap into the unending stream of creativity in the great within and create your own paradigms, principles and laws. This world must change because of your own original creations. Let’s read your books, drive your car, use your phones, read your books, use your medicines. We want to name institutions and infrastructure after you.

There is virtually no problem you cannot solve, no goal you cannot achieve, no obstacle you cannot overcome if you know how to apply the creative powers of the great within, like a laser beam, to cut through every challenge in your life.

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